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The Creative Socializing is a
unique feature to connect you with
the Generations X, Y and Z!


The 'Creative Socializing' is a unique and powerful feature on this networking platform. It's to help the Generations X, Y and Z to make connections with desired groups or communities on this beautiful platform, where they accomplish their goals through the exchange of original ideas and expressions with other members who possess the complimentary skills. We have all the advance networking tools to trigger Creative Socializing on Rock the Conversations now!

Creative Socializing where...

    1. Millennials have a well-defined purpose
    2. Millennials have a well-defined direction
    3. Millennials exchange new ideas and imaginations
    4. Assumptions are suspended and dialogues begins
    5. The conversation produces the context to promote creativity

The Creative Socializing on is designed on principles of Social Science and Cognitive Science to analyze the unique behavior of inspired millennials like you whose curiosity triggers creations and innovations. A complete analysis of the interactions using the creativity indexing tools would help millennials to understand the quality of friends they are looking for and friends they can interact with. The millennials tap the power of their infinite creativity and discretionary energy to make the best use of their special talents using this beautiful platform.

The Creative Socializing is a purpose-driven, since millennials are connected to other inspired friends for a well-defined purpose. It’s a direction-driven socializing system where millennials connect with new friends that would direct them to a predetermined direction instead of going awry. Thus, this creative socializing that connects millennials with the desired groups or communities for a clearly defined purpose or collaboration would bring them more closer to a true-self and connect millennials with the core-consciousness. 

Grab an opportunity to recognize and endorse a "Creative Spark" during the interactions with members of the desired community. The interaction with a desired group of people on this platform would change the whole perception of looking at the career. The recognition of a 'Creative Spark' during such interactions would be a synchronous moment where everything would happen for a right reason, right purpose and at the right time! Engagement Rocks!

(1)  What is Creative Socializing?
Creative Socializing is a purpose and direction driven socializing system on to connect members of the different communities with the diverse knowledge in their respective fields that collaborate collectively for a common purpose with their desired group of people to accomplish goals in their life. Members of such groups are self-motivated and use the following five qualities to access the infinite force to use their discretionary energy while producing results through the use of the following essential elements:

  • Attention:
    Focus on your original and inspired ideas, thoughts and imaginations
  • Intention:
    Transforms your original & creative ideas and thoughts into a reality
  • Awareness:
    Awaken senses to see things as they are with the total clarity
  • Infinite Energy:
    Access the infinite, discretionary and untapped energy
  • Imagination:
    Tap the unique visualization power to see that others can't see

(2)  How the Creative Socializing works on

  • Complete your introduction with a mission statement
  • Create your profile
  • Upload Creative Projects
  • Share Photo Stories and Short Videos
  • Write blogs, interviews, reviews, tweets & attract target audiences
  • Connect with new industry leaders
  • Rate the 'Creativity Level' of every new friend
  • Use 'Analytical Tools' to find creative friends that you need
  • Socialize with selected friends and fans creatively
  • Accomplish your goals

(3)  How the Creative Socializing on stands out?

  • It works on the principle of collective collaboration
  • All assumptions are suspended before the actual interaction begins
  • Ideas and thoughts are exchanged based on the ground reality
  • Members rate the creativity level of every new friend and fans
  • Advanced tools help to group friends based on their special talents
  • Functional groups are created to exactly match your needs
  • Every member will have friends who collaborate diligently
  • The entire system would direct members to accomplish your goals

(4) How Creative Socializing would help me accomplish my goals?

  • A creative socializing system uses three basic elements of creativity
  • Three elements are Attention, Intention and Awareness
  • To pay 'Attention' to best qualities in everything that you see
  • To direct your 'Intention' to make best of use of those qualities
  • To understand where and how you can use best qualities
  • The three elements together would help you to accomplish your goals

(5) How can I draw attention of Creative Friends, Fans and Recruiters?

  • Everything you upload and share - KEEP IT SIMPLE
  • Share Photo Stories and Short Videos that trigger interests
  • Pay attention to details while sharing blogs, reviews and interviews
  • Share your unique profile and resume - use appropriate "Keywords" 
  • Share the content that is consistent with your objective
  • Share creative, shopping and social projects
  • Demonstrate your intention
  • Demonstrate your sincerity and seriousness
  • Define your purpose and intention in a message
  • Connect with new friends with full confidence

(6) What types of tools available for the Creative Socializing?

  • Tools to share Photo Stories and Short Videos
  • Tools to display your profile, projects and resume
  • Tools to connect with new Friends, Fans and Recruiters
  • Tools to rate chosen Friends, Fans and Recruiters
  • Tools to write blogs, reviews, tweets and take interviews
  • Tools to screen your friends based on their unique skills
  • Tools to analyze outstanding groups for the collaboration





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