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Stacy Bennett | RadRedhead222 |

Introduction: Hello! My name is Stacy Bennett! Iím a 42-year-old wife, and mother of two beautiful daughters. My passions in life include makeup, beauty, fashion, and entertainment!

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Vivian Kinuthia | KinuthiaWV |

Introduction: It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation. Be the best version of yourself everyday. Look up to someone else but don't be them. You are unique for a purpose

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Windelieza Vea | Windelieza vea -sales |

Introduction: Applicant resume

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Citlin Haskell | Caitlin Haskell |

Introduction: I am a unique 19 year old with an ambition to make not only myself but everyone feel beautiful??

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Patricia Auilar | Patricia Aguilar |

Introduction: Shoot for the moon even if you miss you will land among the stars .

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Choki Wangmo | Ms. Choki Wangmo |

Introduction: Bhutanese by birth. Buddhist by choice. An asocial introvert. Blogger. Nature enthusiast. Hiker. Avid reader. An observer. Sustainable developer.

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Sarah Sun | Fashion Women Style |

Introduction: We provide the latest and hottest fashion trends and the chicest outfit ideas from celebrities and worldwide fashion lovers.

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Charles Beckwith | Charles Beckwith |

Introduction: producer and host of American Fashion Podcast

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Jessie Green | Kislly |

Introduction: Kislly is a fashion blog that talks about anything related to fashion and trends while reviewing quality products from either Amazon and other online stores. On one hand, our blog aims to help make things easier for you to stay cool, beautiful and elegant with trendy fashion. We here review quali

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Mary Eans | Leaglee |

Introduction: Leaglee has a skilled team of engineers that bring a variety of specialized skills to the consumer electronic products.

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