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Welcome to! - A vibrant social network website designed and developed for creative, innovative and genius professionals.

This privacy policy is a guideline on how this website collects and uses your personal information and is intended to make you feel very safe in browsing and interacting with other creative users on our website. wants you to read our privacy policy first and then make your own decision on signing up on website to become a registered member and share your creative ideas, thoughts and imaginations based on your acceptance of our privacy policy. Signing up on, accepting its all terms of use including a privacy policy and sharing your limited personal information is your own personal decision and not of If you visit a link outside of, you are subjected to the privacy policies of that website.

The following following terms shall be used in this Privacy Policy. "We" or "The Website" shall be used for "" "You" will be used for the end users like you. values the trust that you have placed in us and believes that in order to gain the trust of our users, one must act responsibly by promoting fundamental principles of fair information practices. Because of this, we want you to know details about how we collect and use your "limited personal information" when you sign up and start using our online services.

As used in this agreement, "Limited Persoanl Information" (Also known as personally identifiable information or sensitive personal information) is any information that by itself or in conjuction with other information can identify or locatean individuals with specific identity.

You are free to decline to any information that identifies your personal information on Internet while sharing and using our online services.

Members between the ages of 13 and 17 years of age may access our web services only with parental consent.

We do not sell or lease your limited personal information to any third parties and will not release such information unless required by law.

By accepting our privacy policy, you agree to allow to collect and use your "limited personal information" as described in this Privacy Policy and other policies on our website.
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(2) How do we use your personal information?
(3) How third parties use your personal information?
(4) How you should use others’ information?
(5) What are your privacy choices?
(6) How does safeguard your information?

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