Unseating Giants: How VUGA is redefining what clubwear means for the modern golfer News By VUGA
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Unseating Giants: How VUGA is redefining what clubwear means for the modern golfer

Golf News By VUGA | Posted on July 10, 2018 11:51 AM

VUGA clothing and accessories are designed for maximum performance while embracing a classic and versatile style, superb craftsmanship, comfort and the highest quality fabrics. PRNewsFoto/VUGA  

Golf News by VUGA : Merging high-end fashion and performance, the newest apparel brand in the golf industry is poised to set the bar for what is expected from clubwear. With clean lines and a simple color pallet, VUGA products are designed to provide maximum comfort while embracing classic, versatile style. With a mission to combine the highest quality fabrics with superb craftsmanship, the result is the most comfortable apparel that is cut with both lifestyle and fashion in mind and can work on the course, in the office, and on the town.

Founded by industry veteran Chris Engel, VUGA comes to the market with a heritage not usually seen in a new brand. Having spent his career in this space, Engel knows more than most about the challenges of standing out. With a career spanning the apparel industry, Engel has worked in every segment from product development to supply chain management, from textile engineering to business/brand development. Having traveled the world for a variety of brands, Engel has been building the base for VUGA's success for years.

It is Engel's lifestyle that influences the brand more than anything. "I grew up by the beach. I love the ocean, but I have also been a golfer for decades. No one is defined by any one thing-- surfer, golfer, businessman. We are all complex, we deserve brands that understand and speak to that. VUGA is unapologetic in its desire to help each person enhance their authentic self."

The name, VUGA, derived from Engel's South African roots meaning "opportunity" or "evolution", drives the brands aim to set itself apart from the outset. Boasting fashion-forward designs, the inaugural VUGA collection is truly unique. Utilizing fabrics and yarns that have antimicrobial properties woven directly into the material, the apparel's ability to fight germs and odor will not wash out or wear down over time. Cuts have been designed to embrace performance, fashion, and lifestyle, creating a classic look that both newbies and veterans will be comfortable wearing.

"VUGA is becoming a must-have brand for country clubs and retailers across the country," says Engel when asked about what the future holds. "Our style, fit, and function are a step above what is available to consumers today. We want to bring fashion back to golf."

Source: PR Newswire/VUGA

Website: https://www.vugabrand.com

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