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Spine & Vigor Unveil New Website Featuring Extreme Comfort Mattresses Highlighting Incomparable Chiropractic Support

Home Décor News By Spine & Vigor | Posted on June 13, 2018 11:21 AM

Affordably priced, Spine & Vigor’s mattresses are poised to bring the type of pain-relieving, luxury sleeping experiences once reserved only for the very wealthy. PRNewsFoto/Spine & Vigor  

Home Décor News by Spine & Vigor : Spine & Vigor (https://www.spineandvigor.com/) recently announced the launch of their new memory-foam mattress products in conjunction with a completely revamped website. Updated to now include all of the mattress styles available, the site also includes a wealth of sleeping and spine-health information via a series of related blogs. Affordably priced, Spine & Vigor's mattresses are poised to bring the type of pain-relieving, luxury sleeping experiences once reserved only for the very wealthy.

"Back pain keeps so many people from living the life they deserve; a good night's rest and relief from pain shouldn't have to cost a fortune. Sleeping on this mattress changed everything for me, and I'm excited to be helping others to wake up happy with a healthy, affordable solution," said CEO Vik.

Four Mattress Styles — Four Ways to a Better Night's Sleep

When Vik and his chiropractor spent four years developing the perfect mattress, they came to one conclusion: The magic is in the multilayered foam construction. Desperately seeking a way to relieve his own back pain without having to resort to dangerous prescriptions, Vik created four distinct mattress styles engineered to please any sleeper: the Benux, the Lenux, the Majestic and the Majestic Hybrid memory foam mattresses.

All four mattresses use Visco-Elastic memory foam in addition to low motion transfer technology. The Benux mattress combines memory foam and 100 percent organic bamboo construction that is simple but supportive. The naturally hypoallergenic cover is also easy to clean. The Lenux uses the same great basic design as the Benux but utilizes upgraded fabrics and adds an additional layer of comfort support for a one-of-a-kind sleeping experience.

For sleepers who prefer a spring mattress, the Majestic offers a layer of cool blue gel memory foam on top of a series of individually wrapped pocketed coils — for multiple layers of sleeping comfort. And finally, the Majestic Hybrid combines cooling blue gel memory foam, luscious fabrics and thicker comfort layers for a sleeping experience usually reserved for the most expensive hotels. With these four specific designs, sleepers are bound to find a mattress that best meets their particular sleep needs.

About Spine & Vigor:

Like all great innovations, the mattress designs of Spine & Vigor were born out of the need to solve a problem. CEO and designer Vik suffered for years with back pain and sleeplessness due to low quality bedding. Though he sought help from both doctors and expensive luxury mattresses alike, neither was able to bring relief. But a chance visit to the chiropractor changed everything. Together, Vik and his chiropractor worked for four years to bring their customers the perfect mattress. Registered in 2017, Spine & Vigor is now proud to offer mattresses that ensure everyone will "Wake Up Happy — Without a Prescription."

Source: PR Newswire/Spine & Vigor

Website: https://www.spineandvigor.com

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