National Museum Tour Features Work Of Celebrated American Nature Photographer Thomas D. Mangelsen News By Mangelsen Images of Nature Galleries
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Mangelsen Images of Nature Galleries

National Museum Tour Features Work Of Celebrated American Nature Photographer Thomas D. Mangelsen

Photography News By Mangelsen Images of Nature Galleries | Posted on May 09, 2018 02:43 PM

Thomas D. Mangelsen and Anderson Cooper filming in Wyoming - PRNewsFoto/Mangelsen Images of Nature Galleries  

Photography News by Mangelsen Images of Nature Galleries : Fresh off his appearance on 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper, in a feature segment titled "Into the Wild with Thomas D. Mangelsen" which was viewed by millions world-wide, Mangelsen announces his first major national traveling museum ( exhibition which is set to debut in the fall of 2018.

Across five decades, every continent and hundreds of changing seasons, American nature photographer Thomas D. Mangelsen has soaked in the wonder of our wild planet with camera in hand, chronicling moments that make us all stand in awe. Mangelsen has amassed a portfolio of imagery that, in many ways, is considered unsurpassed, counted among the finest of his generation.

Now many of Mangelsen's most acclaimed photographs will be featured in a traveling exhibition that will reach museums and large numbers of his fans coast to coast.

"Thomas D. Mangelsen: A Life in the Wild" commences with a special premier at The Durham Museum in the photographer's original home city of Omaha (September 1, 2018-January 6, 2019) and will make a parallel debut this fall at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (October 20, 2018-May 5, 2019) where he has lived near the foot of the Tetons since the 1970s.

The showcase of more than 40 large format Mangelsen classics next travels to museums in Greater New York City, Chicago, Columbus, Ohio, North Carolina and cities in both the Rockies and Heartland. The major retrospective is much anticipated and has brought Mangelsen to the attention of the noted television show 60 Minutes. (

A Life in the Wild not only represents a capstone to Mangelsen's illustrious career but it is accompanied by the release of special Legacy Reserve Collection prints, in limited editions numbering only 1-20. When purchased, collectors are invited to join Mangelsen for a Legacy Experience including a day in the field of wildlife watching and photography.

Dr. Jane Goodall, revered as a globally-iconic environmentalist and featured on a photography trip with Tom on 60 Minutes, says of Mangelsen, one of her closest friends, "What Tom has accomplished would be extremely difficult to duplicate. His photographs inspire me because they wake us up to what is at stake. When I think of the very talented nature photographers I've been fortunate to know— counted among the very best who ever lived—I consider Tom Mangelsen to be an American treasure."

Among the heralded works in A Life in the Wild are Mangelsen's "Catch of the Day," a portrayal of a spawning sockeye salmon leaping into the awaiting jaws of an Alaskan brown bear. Seen by millions around the world, it is counted among the best-known wildlife photographs in modern times.

Another is award-winning "Polar Dance" that was highlighted as one of the 40 most important conservation photographs ever for calling attention to the plight of polar bears in the Arctic North due to climate change.

A third is "Light in the Forest" that offers a rare glimpse into a famous young Bengal tiger, part of a dwindling population that is critically endangered in the wild.

In recent years, Mangelsen's mystique has grown even more for his chronicling of legendary grizzly bear mother 399 in Grand Teton National Park. This special bear, who has given birth to three sets of triplets, one set of twins and two single cubs in her 22 years, is the symbolic "Icon of Motherhood" and a focal point in the battle to protect grizzly bears in the lower 48.

There are dozens of other unforgettable signature pieces from North America, Africa, the Arctic and Antarctic.

"When I started, I never could have dreamed the trail would lead here but as I look back, and consider the photographs in this exhibition, I am reminded of the amazing journey it has been," Mangelsen says. "Memories of dramatic moments come rushing back, scenes that if I tried to replicate again would fall short. I'm grateful now that viewers can join me and share our common love for this precious gift we call wild nature."

Source: PR Newswire/Mangelsen Images of Nature Galleries


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