Five Great Reasons to Hug Your Dog: Author Caroline Capuzzi Asks Her Readers to Celebrate 'National Hug Your Dog Day' April 10, 2019 | It Produces Oxytocin Associated with Love, Attachment & Trust News By Dog Joy Book
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Five Great Reasons to Hug Your Dog: Author Caroline Capuzzi Asks Her Readers to Celebrate 'National Hug Your Dog Day' April 10, 2019 | It Produces Oxytocin Associated with Love, Attachment & Trust

Lifestyle News By Dog Joy Book | Posted on April 04, 2019 06:56 AM

Five Great Reasons to Hug Your Dog: Author Caroline Capuzzi Asks Her Readers to Celebrate 'National Hug Your Dog Day' April 10, 2019 | It Produces Oxytocin Associated with Love, Attachment & Trust PRNewsFoto/Dog Joy Book  

Lifestyle News by Dog Joy Book : April 10th is National Hug Your Dog Day and author Caroline Capuzzi ( is giving her readers five reasons why hugging their canine pets can be a loving and healthy choice. The list was compiled from answers given on a series of questionnaires sent out to contributing authors of Capuzzi's popular volume: "Dog Joy: Amazing Stories of the Indescribable Love Only a Rescued Dog Can Give.”

"Dog Joy" is intended to be shared with friends and family as well as donated to local animal rescues and veterinarians. "Dog Joy" spreads the love and deep comfort which rescue-dogs freely offer to their owners, illustrated in a series of real stories involving rescued dogs.

The ultimate goal of the book is to encourage people to consider visiting an animal shelter the next time they are looking for a new friend. In addition, sales of the book allow Capuzzi and her family-publisher, Dog Joy Books, to give to rescue charities. So far, the Capuzzi family has given over five thousand dollars in cash, and an additional thousand dollars in books, to various dog-rescue operations.

Five Reasons to Hug Your Dog Today

1. Hugging your dog produces oxytocin, in both you and your pet. Oxytocin is a hormone associated with love, attachment and trust, and helps to ensure a greater bond between pets and their owners.
2. Hugging your dog fosters a greater sense of unconditional love and connection between you and your pet.
3. Hugging your dog calms and relieves stress, regardless of how bad your day might have been.
4. Hugging your dog lets them know that they are appreciated, and that their loyalty and friendship is cherished.
5. Hugging your dog is the single best way to show your affection. A dog's life is very short, so it is important to cherish each moment. It may have only been a few days between hugs for you, but from your dog's perspective: It's been ages.

Originally started by Ami Moore, the "Dog Whisperer of Chicago," National Hug Your Dog Day began as a way to remind the world that humanity's oldest friend and companion deserves a little extra love now and then. Some other suggested activities for pet owners to share with their dogs on this day include:

· Going for a walk: Take dogs for an extra long walk on this day, or even treat them to a trip to a local dog park.

· Treat your dog to a doggie-date: Taking pets to a pet-friendly restaurant is a unique way to demonstrate an owner's gratefulness. If there are no local pet-friendly restaurants to choose from, owners can whip up something special for pets in the home kitchen. Dog biscuits, with a good portion of cooked meat, is a great dining treat for canines.

· Grooming, massage and an extra-long petting session: Dogs love being touched, gently groomed and petted by their owners. This is the perfect time to give a dog a prolonged pet-and-rub session, to show love and appreciation.

About Dog Joy Books Publishing
Dog Joy Books is a small, family-owned publisher of a special type of fundraising book crafted for dog rescue operations and shelters — like the inaugural volume by Caroline Capuzzi, "Dog Joy." The books are designed to help spread the word related to the importance, value and need for all of the various national and local non-profit dog rescues. Dog Joy Books is dedicated to helping dog rescue organizations raise awareness and funds through publishing individual stories of rescuers. Learn more about how you can publish your own Dog Joy book for a specific organization at:

Source: PR Newswire/Dog Joy Books


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