DreamWalk, The "Other" Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Returns to Philadelphia 11/4/18 | An Inspiring Event to Promote Inclusivity and Diversity in the Fashion Industry News By DreamWalk Fashion Show
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DreamWalk, The "Other" Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Returns to Philadelphia 11/4/18 | An Inspiring Event to Promote Inclusivity and Diversity in the Fashion Industry

Fashion Show News By DreamWalk Fashion Show | Posted on October 25, 2018 07:01 AM

DreamWalk, The "Other" Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Returns to Philadelphia 11/4/18 | An Inspiring Event to Promote Inclusivity and Diversity in the Fashion Industry - PRNewsfoto/DreamWalk Fashion Show  

Fashion Show News by DreamWalk Fashion Show : The DreamWalk Fashion Show, formerly dubbed by international media outlets as the "anti" Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is returning to Philadelphia for its second year. The nation's only body confidence fashion show, DreamWalk will feature over 60 models (known as Dreamers) from across the country, representing a diverse, realistic and inclusive view of beauty, including amputees, cancer survivors and LGTBQ/mental health advocates. The show will take place on Sunday, November 4, 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm EST at 2300 Arena in Philadelphia.

Live Entertainment
New York's Z100 @DJDramos will host the evening, including live musical performances in a Victoria's Secret show format by @KickingSunrise, @ZachMatari with the @TheAfterParti and @Owlcappella. Philadelphia's Q102 radio host @mynameisraph will be on site for pre-show meet and greets.

Dreamer Award
This year, the first-ever "Dreamer Award" will be presented in memoriam to Andrea Castilla, who was killed during last year's Las Vegas shooting. The award will be accepted by Ms. Castilla's sister, Athena Castilla, in whose arms she died. Andrea Castilla's dream was to make the world a more kindhearted place. As a makeup artist whose mother died of cancer, Andrea Castilla's goal was to create an organization that gives cancer patients the opportunity to receive makeup applications. https://abcnews.go.com/US/sister-las-vegas-shooting-victim-describes-moments-literally/story?id=50301695

About Body Confidence and Dreamers Walking the Runway
More than 70 percent of women worldwide want the media to portray a more diverse range of physical appearance, age, race, shape and size in advertising and marketing, according to The Dove Global Beauty and Confidence Report. The United States ranks low on the list of women who feel body confident, with only 24 percent reporting that they are happy with their bodies. "Together, we can break stereotypical beauty molds and create a more inclusive and accepting environment," according to Alexis Scaffidi, who founded DreamWalk Fashion show with her sister, Alyse Scaffidi.

Dreamer Bailey Pretak (@raebalae) has a rare disorder called Lamellar Ichthyosis. "Growing up, it was hard to never see any models like me or anyone like me in ads," said Ms. Pretak. "As a result, I thought I was ugly and had no value or worth. Fortunately, I gained confidence and learned to turn my pain into something purposeful and meaningful by becoming a public speaker and advocate for children and others with skin disorders." "Everyone is beautifully unique," added Ms. Pretak. "Why can't someone with different skin represent the fashion industry or walk the catwalk? I can't wait to see how the DreamWalk Fashion show inspires people in different communities."

"Comparison is the thief of Joy," said Molly Dwyer (@kamalineequa), a flight attendant and a 2018 Dreamer. Ms. Dwyer discovered that when she stopped comparing herself to others, she finally found happiness. She suffered from body dysmorphia that led to her withdrawal from a body building competition. "Everyone is beautiful," she said. "I am so grateful to The DreamWalk Fashion Show for representing the entire spectrum of women."

"We need to be conscious of the more toxic elements in our society that diminish women's body confidence, and in turn, their power," said Julie Low, MD, a New York-based psychiatrist with expertise in women's health. "There is so much pressure on women and girls to look a certain way which causes them to look inward when they can be looking outward and taking over the world," said Dr. Low. http://www.julielowmd.com

"The DreamWalk Fashion Show is about women's empowerment," said Dreamer Jani Gerard (@thejoyofj) who represents models over 40 and who has struggled her whole life with body confidence. "Anybody can be joyous and follow their dreams, no matter what their age or body type. Nobody but you can determine your self-worth or your value. Walking the DreamWalk is life affirming and hopefully will inspire women that life can get better and more interesting as they get older," she said.

Children's book author, Karen Gasperini (@karengasperini) is severely disabled with a genetic disorder called Beals syndrome which causes clubfoot and curvature of the spine. "I wore leg braces growing up and always felt excluded from playing with other children," said Ms. Gasperini. When her daughter was born with the same syndrome, she felt a sense of déjà vu. "To help my daughter get through her physical therapy and daily life, I made up stories that turned her braces into magical boots," she said. Her daughter, Arianna, inspired her to write "Arianna's Magic Boots" to show other children that you can be happy with who you are and can do anything you want to do no matter what your disability is. Ms. Gasperini is walking the DreamWalk to spread awareness about body confidence. "Even if it is difficult, you can still do it," she said.

Body dissatisfaction is omnipresent in women of all ages in the United States, according to a study published in European Eating Disorder Review. The study reports that body dissatisfaction is a risk factor for eating disorder behaviors, depression, and low self-esteem.

"You don't have to look like a super model to feel like a super model or to walk the runway," said Lindsay Meyers (@lmeyers21) who suffered from sleep apnea, asthma and stomach disorders until she lost 65 pounds last year. "I knew something had to change," said Ms. Meyers. "I struggled with body confidence, low self-esteem and health issues." Now, she is completely asthma free, her sleep apnea is completely gone and she is not on any medication. "I fell in love with exercise and clean eating, found confidence and found out who I was," she said. Last month, she ran a half marathon for physical confidence and DreamWalk represents a challenge of mental confidence for her. "One women's beauty is not the absence of your beauty," she said. Ms. Meyers is a huge Beyoncé fan so she will be channeling her inner Beyoncé on the catwalk.

According to a February 2018 survey by Ipsos, https://www.ipsos.com/en-us/news-polls/most-americans-experience-feeling-dissatisfied-with-body-looks-from-time-to-time, most Americans report feeling unhappy with how their bodies look at times with dissatisfaction most prevalent when looking in the mirror.

"Body confidence isn't easy, especially with multiple scars. However, my scars are the reason I am alive, and, I am proud," said Dreamer Erin Francis (@erskiii) who is also a kidney transplant survivor.

Dreamer Christine Jones-Gaskin (@christinethedream) has struggled with body image most of her life. "We have to see the magic in ourselves because society doesn't recognize it until you tell them, I'm me and I'm beautiful as I am," she said.

Other Event Details:

· The DreamWalk show takes place November 4, 2018 5:30pm -9:00 pm EST, 2300 Arena, 2300 South Swanson St. Philadelphia, PA 19148

· Pre-Show Pop-Up Art Installation: Stations featuring 10ft angel wings made of live flowers, a unicorn garden, cupcake tower, heart-shaped soft pretzel wall and a sparkle carpet

· Presenting Sponsor: LifeBrand

· Other sponsors: A Garden Party; Dooga Art; Steaz; Sparkling Ice; Bean 2 Bean Coffee Co; Lokal Artisan Foods; Goldwell; and Deluxe Bakery,

About DreamWalk Fashion Show
Alyse & Alexis Scaffidi, known as @bitesizedfitness & @bitesizedsis utilize their social media presence (>200,000 followers on Instagram) to promote self-love and acceptance. Last year, they created a body confidence fashion show, dubbed the "Anti-Victoria's Secret Fashion Show" by the media. The show received viral attention with more than 45 million views. Over the past five years, the sisters have spoken at a number of collegiate conferences and local news stations on health, body confidence and the power of social media. Alyse, a Pharm D, and Lexi, an accountant apply their complimentary skills and unique backgrounds to inspire and help women with body confidence.

Source: PR Newswire/DreamWalk Fashion Show

Website: http://www.DreamWalkfashionshow.com

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