Arius Technology Selected by Fine Art Logistics Natural Le Coultre | Arius' Technology in 3D Scanning & Elevated Printing re-create & digitally archive some of the World's Greatest Masterpieces News By Arius Technology
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Arius Technology Selected by Fine Art Logistics Natural Le Coultre | Arius' Technology in 3D Scanning & Elevated Printing re-create & digitally archive some of the World's Greatest Masterpieces

Art News By Arius Technology | Posted on February 08, 2018 06:58 AM

Details of brushstrokes on Van Gogh's Iris - PRNewsFoto/Arius Technology  

Art News by Arius Technology : Arius Technology, the leader in 3D mapping, digitization and re-creation of masterpieces by some of the world's most loved artists, today announced that Fine Art Logistics Natural Le Coultre (FALNLC) has selected Arius to join them in offering art collectors exciting new services. In March 2018, FALNLC will launch fine art re-creation and digital archiving services from within the safety of their state-of-the-art facilities at LE FREEPORT, Luxembourg.

With art sale records being broken year after year, the secondary art market continues to prove lucrative for collectors and investors all around the world. With more pressure to insure and store humanity's most precious assets, the ability to enjoy a fine art re-creation without taking a masterpiece out of storage is a long-awaited opportunity for many.

Artworks are safely and securely stored by FALNLC at LE FREEPORT's highest-rated maximum-security vault, where they can be carefully digitized with Arius' on-site museum-approved digitization system, operated by professional art handlers without ever leaving the facility.

Arius' team of engineers remotely process millions of data points, transforming virtual re-creations into beautiful textured prints that can be enjoyed at home or in the office as if they were the original.

Collectors also have an exciting opportunity to create digital fingerprints of their entire collection. Taking a snapshot of artworks provides priceless data that can be utilized to help preserve the humanity's cultural heritage, effectively building a cultural "seed bank" for fine art. The data can be licensed or donated to museums, publishers or exhibitors and positions collectors to take advantage of future 3D, virtual reality and augmented reality technologies.

Bringing together world-leading capabilities in 3D digitization and elevated printing, Arius has worked with world-class museums to safely and accurately capture the color and geometry of each brushstroke within original artworks, producing the most authentic, textured re-creations available.

"It's the richest reprographic technology on the planet today," remarks Stephen Gritt, director conservation and technical research, National Gallery of Canada.

Together, FALNLC and Arius are at the forefront of using 3D digitization technology to change the way we protect, preserve and live with art in such a way that future generations can benefit from today's latest advances in art collector services.

About Arius

Arius is devoted to collaborating with museums, collectors and artists for the preservation and creation of art. Helping to develop and maintain an art-rich culture around the globe.

With Arius Technology's digital archiving and high-quality textured re-creation services, collectors can safely store and admire their artwork in as many locations as they would like. In-facility services also offer collectors the chance to create a digital fingerprint of artworks, thanks to hundreds of millions of data points recording the geometry and color of every brushstroke.

With technology originating from a research digitization project of the Mona Lisa, Arius is a world leader in 3D digitization and re-creation of fine art paintings. Arius has worked closely with conservators at the National Gallery of Canada to help restore and re-create artworks by some of the world's most loved artists, including Van Gogh, Monet, Cézanne, Degas and Gauguin.

Arius' low-intensity optical scanning technology is built around a "safety first" mentality, ensuring even the most fragile paintings are never placed under stress or duress. More recently, Arius is working with one of Britain's leading art institutions to digitize masterpieces from their vaults.

More information can be found at

About Fine Art Logistics Natural Le Coultre

Fine Art Logistics Natural Le Coultre is part of the Natural Le Coultre network of companies headquartered in Geneva with sister companies in Luxembourg and Singapore. Ever since its creation over 150 years ago, the company Natural Le Coultre stands for excellence in transport and storage of fine art.

Our network provides expert advice and solutions in the area of fine art logistics to an elite global selection of museums, galleries and collectors.

With over 30,000 m² of fine art storage worldwide under active management, we contribute each day to protect and maintain the cultural heritage of humanity.

Fine Art Logistics Natural Le Coultre Luxembourg provides its clients with a wide range of activities such as shipping, packing, customs and handling, supporting art and exclusive collection pieces with dedication and expertise. Fine Arts Logistics Natural Le Coultre combines state-of-the-art equipment with the skills of carefully selected professionals in a modern and integrated approach for our clients' works of art.

The company actively manages almost 4,000 m² of storage space at LE FREEPORT in Luxembourg, the world's highest-rated state-of-the-art storage facility dedicated to valuables and collection items. In addition to all kinds of works of art, Fine Art Logistics Natural Le Coultre also manages collections of fine wines, rare automobiles and precious metals.

More information can be found at

Source: PR Newswire/Arius Technology


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