An Inspirational New Fragrance Collection -- KIERIN NYC News By KIERIN NYC
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An Inspirational New Fragrance Collection -- KIERIN NYC

Fragrances News By KIERIN NYC | Posted on May 11, 2018 07:54 AM

Your Real NYC Stories Illuminated in Fragrance - PRNewsFoto/KIERIN NYC  

Fragrances News by KIERIN NYC : Introducing KIERIN NYC, a bold, new, disruptive brand challenging the rules of fragrance. KIERIN NYC is an artistic, genderless and individualistic brand with fragrances that are cruelty free, made with natural ingredients and sustainable materials.

"KIERIN NYC is unlike conventional fragrance brands. We invite people to be inspired, not defined or confined, by our fragrances. We are passionate about consciousness, diversity and inclusion so those values are core to the KIERIN NYC brand and not just presented as an afterthought," says co-founder Mona Maine de Biran.

KIERIN NYC artfully presents prestige-quality fragrances without the old-fashioned marketing strategy of using a spokesperson. Instead, the brand celebrates the individual human experience of scent through stories and vibes. Crafting unique fragrances with high-energy and style to inspire good moods and vibrations.

· Highline Flirt is a fresh, magnetic and flirty scent.
· Nolita Noir is a spicy, intoxication and hypnotic scent.
· Santal Park is a woody, intimate and serene scent.
· Sunday Brunch is a citrusy, cheerful and luminous scent

The beauty of NYC, and the soul of KIERIN, is in its diversity and energy. KIERIN NYC offers an amazing olfactory experience, ideal for the individualist happy to stand-out in a crowd. The prestige-quality fragrance comes boldly and beautifully packaged. A stylish gift for this Mother's or Father's Day!

For more information on our fragrances and mission, visit or check out Manhattan Minds. We encourage fans to sign-up for special discounts on the website and to follow and tag us with fragrance reviews and unboxing videos at #FragranceStories on Intagram @KierinNYC, #KierinNYC, Twitter @kierin_NYC, Facebook, Youtube and @KierinNYC.

About Us

Didier Maine de Biran is a Beauty Industry veteran. He has worked in the Fragrance Industry for over 20 years. Didier's rich knowledge of the industry is only matched by his enthusiasm for it.

Mona Maine de Biran is incredibly invested in cultural diversity from her years as a former international model and champion of the TV talent show Star Search. Mona is the visionary behind KIERIN NYC's community and mission. She is also founder of the New York City lifestyle blog Manhattan Minds.

Chris Rosasco is a former artist and one of the bold, authentic minds behind the brand. Chris has a rich experience in art and a passion for beauty and fragrance. His creativity inspires the energy of the brand.

Source: PR Newswire/KIERIN NYC


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