2017 September exhibition: Future, Vision, Past - Sculptor, Michael Dunbar News By Findlay Galleries
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2017 September exhibition: Future, Vision, Past - Sculptor, Michael Dunbar

Special Events News By Findlay Galleries | Posted on August 01, 2017 07:56 AM

Touched by the Sun, 2012 fabricated & machined bronze 14 x 14 x 12 inches Edition 3/3 138226 PRNewsFoto/Findlay Galleries  

Special Events News by Findlay Galleries : Findlay Galleries is pleased to announce their 2017 September exhibition, Sculptor, Michael Dunbar: Future, Vision, Past. The exhibition at Findlay Galleries, 724 Fifth Avenue in New York City, offers the viewer a small-scale version of his monumental abstract works of art in steel or bronze. Visually, Dunbar's sculptures address an ongoing investigation into the aesthetic images of scientific equipment that has been instrumental in the evolution and advancement of civilization. On both large scale and small, the work is driven by mathematical relationships and machined precision.

Threading through the sculptures are references to clocks, armillary spheres, astrolabes, sextants, compasses, or some essential component in a scientific instrument used in the aerospace industry to chart a course or mark passage in our quest to explore the unexplored. All the forms and detailed components fit together as accurately as the working parts of a fine chronograph or a telescopic tracking platform. In addition to the structural integrity of the fabrication process, the connectors serve as visual accents of scale, dimension and function. Yet the sculptures are also about the craftsmanship of tool-makers and the industrial ingenuity that arrives from the purity of design and the necessity of function. Through the use of complex interlocking connections and repetitive forms, these sculptures imply a sense of animation and levitation as if captured in a moment of transition.

Compelled as an artist to present and preserve beauty, grace, and harmony, there is an intentional elegance to the precision crafted sculptures that identify Michael Dunbar today as a major force in contemporary American Sculpture. Future, Vision, Past will be on view at 724 Fifth Avenue from September 07 - October 27, 2017.

News Title: 2017 September exhibition: Future, Vision, Past - Sculptor, Michael Dunbar

Exhibition Location: 724 Fifth Avenue, New York

Website: http://www.findlayart.com

Source: PR Newswire/Findlay Galleries

Website: http://www.findlayart.com

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