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I am the voice! That voice emanates from my heart. I always listen to my heart and search for the answers to all my questions. I sit quiet for many hours and try to listen to my heart. It's my direct connection to a self that I adore so much. Every word that I listen from my heart reverberates in my everyday life. A connection with my heart is available as and when I need it. I never feel loneliness. I converse and brainstorm with my heart all the time. We play the music together. We sing songs together. I always share my concerns and worries with my heart. My heart rejuvenates my every moment. My heart and me both are best friends.

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Personal Profile :



 Meena Rana



I Represent:




I Live In:








Language #1:

 English (United States)

Language #2:


Language #3:


Language #4:


Creative Skills:

 Cooking, Art, Music


Professional Profile :

I'm Currently:  Artist

Current Employer's Name:, Inc.

Current Job Title:

Industry:  N/A
Years in Service:  15 Years

Professional Skills:

 Admnistrative, Public Speaking. Non-profit

Educational Profile :

Subject:  MBA Finance
Education Level:  PhD
School/College/University:  University
Name Of An Institution:  MS University
City, Country:  N/A
Year:  N/A
Intellectual Skills:  Finance

Communities :

Community #1:  Advertising Community
Community #2:  Fashion Community
Community #3:  Dance Community
Community #4:  Fashion Show Community

Special Interests :

   Public Speaking

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