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Hi, I'm a storyteller; I tell real stories about real people to fictitous characters!

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Personal Profile :



 Baisakhi Saha



I Represent:




I Live In:








Language #1:


Language #2:

 Spanish (Costa Rica)

Language #3:


Language #4:

 German (Standard)

Creative Skills:



Professional Profile :

I'm Currently:  Writer

Current Employer's Name:


Current Job Title:

Industry:  N/A
Years in Service:  N/A

Professional Skills:

 writing, editing, dancing, communication, fashion

Educational Profile :

Subject:  Bachelors of Computing, minor in German
Education Level:  Just Graduated
School/College/University:  University
Name Of An Institution:  National University of Singapore
City, Country:  Singapore,
Year:  2002 To 2006
Subject:  Double Maths, Double Science
Education Level:  Under Graduate
School/College/University:  College
Name Of An Institution:  Victoria Junior College
City, Country:  Singapore
Year:  2000 To 2001
Intellectual Skills:  N/A

Communities :

Community #1:  Fashion Community
Community #2:  Movie Community
Community #3:  Entertainment Community
Community #4:  Creative Community

Special Interests :

   Writing, reading
   fashion designing, decorating, painting
   dancing & choreography
   public speaking, motivational talks, spiritual & metapysical discussions
   Adventure, sports, traveling, marathons, athletics

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