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The World According to Traci Kochendorfer

Traci K Interviewed By Fitstyle Magazine
August 18 2016

Traci K is building a fashion-wellness empire—and it's all about having a strong body, mind and force.


Tell us about you in brief...

Traci K: Traci K may be not be A-list Hollywood actress,yet.. but she's someone you can enjoy a hang with. Within minutes of meeting her, she's making you laugh, she is stunningly intimadating at first but later high-fiving me, finding common ground in our shared astrological sign ("Virgo") and messy hat head with sporty jogging pants. She's the girl we all want to be around, the embodiment of high vibes—and high values and italian/german passion.


What are your accomplishments?...

Traci K: Traci is often on the move today be that she struggles with some disabilities from injuries in the past. The government she says owes her a ton due to her claim to fame happened while serving to troops with little to no support or paycheck. So she says in the past they try and kill you off before you even know it. She achieved so much that at one point they tried to erase her (the outside military way of identity theft) It is like slave mentality. But she fought to keep what she worked hard for and earned including titles, success and awards and her name. They don't consider me anything cause I didn't get DD214. But I am a veteran..


Who inspired you? Tell us about the people and events...

Traci K: I spent all my life groomed to be on stage make a difference. It is my calling and it breaks my heart to see that I am not valued for it. Since I was a child my mother groomed me for stage and talent. To not let even my slightest disability stop me from being what I was born to be. But I actually was scared of people and was vulnerable to what some people never see. She is tough and strong. So she inspired me.


What are your special skills? Tell us in brief...

Traci K: Growing up it was performance. The little costumes like one is remembered in my family where I was a yellow chick and wiggled my booty to the audience. Later is was more my hard work and dedication. I can be creative.


How did you reach the pinacle of a success?

Traci K: I worked hard at it. I started competing at a young age in talent shows. It opened doors for education and connections. Then once I conquered the top title or if things sideways ...I didn't let it get me down I always had a fall back ..and would see them fall later. I hate crooked people or those who somehow swindle their way.

Talk about your unique personality...

Traci K: I am modest and shy at first. Don't trust easy anymore since my experience with war and military. I am discusted by the changes in civilian life and hope to see better in the future. I have changed it changes you. I tend to enjoy alone time in past I had to be around a lot of people.

How do you promote your talents? Give us few tips...

Traci K: Today it is social media not sure anyone knows how to communicate face to face. I am like boom head back into phone. Cause it is so much online marketing competition. It is so hard to be real.

What would you like to accomplish in your life in the next five years?

Traci K: First see all the time and money lost recovered in my life. This way I can maybe start a family have a home again I own in my name. Create my future to live on. I want what other stars want to live on and pass down a legacy. Be comfortable and safe.

How would you define a success? Share your philosophical statement...

Traci K: the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. favorable outcome, successfulness, successful result, triumph; Hollywood ending "the success of the scheme" the attainment of popularity or profit. prosperity, affluence, wealth, riches, opulence "the trappings of success" a person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity. "I must make a success of my business"

Tell us about your contribution to society...

Traci K: My special support to FPLA an association I founded while serving to troops. Animal rights. Health care and job and body image rights for those like me who served coming back in our 40's. I hope my Traci K Collection and Music along with TV and film will do that.

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