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About Creative Communities

Attention Millennials
To build your unique
Character and Personality,
go out of your comfort zone and
unconditionally connect with other
New Creative People
from diverse creative fields

Creative Communities on are the most powerful source of synergy for the inspired, imaginative and resourceful millennials like you.

Creative Community
The millennials with a common objective to get together on this platform for a common purpose, who would suspend assumptions, start the dialogues, share new ideas and imaginations and engage with other members from the diverse groups. The millennials of such communities voice their opinions to accomplish their common purpose together through interactions with each other. This interaction is known as the creative socializing. Together, a creative community and the creative socializing process produces the positive synergy for millennials on this beautiful platform.

Voice your Opinion
On, each community has its own voice. Join a community of your choice and voice your opinion - your voice will be heard by the community members. As soon as the interaction begins, the community members offer unbiased opinions on a critical subject under discussion. The community always looks forward in interest of their members. It institutionalizes collective collaborations, collective aspirations, collective consciousness and wishes of members of the community. It also institutionalizes a process where innovative ideas and thoughts by community members are exchanged and endorsed by all equally. Unique solutions are sought for any problems, new ideas are endorsed and creators of solutions are honored. Those are the kind of communities you will find and socialize with on - they are vibrant, colorful, vivacious, energetic and lively!

Experience the Synergy
Every community on has its own energy. It has a well-defined purpose and objective to accomplish their goals. It has a direction to discuss and debate on crucial subjects. It evolves with distinctively unique ideas and thoughts offered by members on a subject under the discussion. Each one is driven to higher consciousness levels by its members by voicing their opinions on a common subject and purpose to survive. Each member has ability to produce new ideas, thoughts and imaginations to promote their groups to the next level. It’s collective ideas and thoughts evolve into collective consciousness on The collective consciousness drive the entire community to meet objectives set by members.

Use the crowd Sourcing
The dynamics of working of creative communities on follow principles of the crowd sourcing. It uses a mechanism to correcting errors - a part of an error corrected at a time by every member. Each member throws his/her opinions with corrections on an issue under the discussion. Every time a member submits his/her opinion, the problem to an issue gets corrected little by little. An issue under the consideration is corrected partly at a time and errors are cut, slashed and incised multiple times depending upon the number of members. The final solution to any issue is thus close to very accurate when members are involved in finding a solution to any problems. Therefore, the socializing process on is called “Creative Socializing."

Use our Purpose & Direction Driven Socializing System
It is a purpose-driven and directions-driven. It's a unique socializing process to direct you to your mission objectives to accomplish goals through the exchange of your unique expressions with other members who have already accomplished extraordinary achievements in their respective fields. Creative Socializing is a purpose-driven socializing since you would be connected to other inspired and inventive friends or professionals for a well-defined purpose. It’s also a direction-driven socializing since it would direct you to a predetermined direction instead of making you go awry. Experience the synchronicity on through the creative socializing with experts, professionals and industry leaders – you would witness things happening in the right way for the right purpose at right time in your career when socializing or networking on

Reinvent your Unique Identity
Ask yourself “Who am I?” and you will find it related to your characters and personality. Your character and personality depends upon whom you connect with while socializing with other members creatively. Your careful deliberation, contemplation and reflection over newly found social or professional connections would help you to build your unique, exceptional, outstanding and incomparable character and personality on

In order to become more original, imaginative, resourceful, ingenious and vivacious in every respect, you must go out of your comfort zone unconditionally and connect with inventive and resourceful professionals who are known to be experts in diverse fields through resourceful socializing

You would be amazed to witness the transformation in your overall personality once you get connected to professionals with totally different skills from yours. Your connections with professionals with diverse talents and unique experiences would change your perspective to see the whole world in a different way. Members who are refined in their own respective fields would work as a catalyst in making your life more interesting, exhilarating, electrifying and exciting. Connect with professionals irrespective of their area of expertise – you will learn something from each one of them. This wholeness would help you to direct your energy, focus and efforts in the development of your overall 'character and personality.'

Explore over 100 Creative Communities
There are over 100 uniquely and distinctively different communities on Each community has its own flavor, aroma and taste. You have every opportunity to interact and mingle with members of each community and find the best match for your needs.  Members from different groups with diverse expertise would awaken your inept senses - intelligence, astuteness, brainpower and acumen by sharing their inspired thoughts, ideas and insights on assorted subjects in your life and career.

Find New Friends, Fans and Recruiters
Join communities that interest you the most and invite only those friends whose skills match your projects or your ideology. You would get a creative spark of instincts while learning and socializing with new friends. Begin your journey on world's most famous name - a name already known to millions of artistic, inspired and resourceful professionals worldwide for promoting your creativity, imagination, originality, inventiveness and ingenuity.

Unique Opportunities
Creative communities on offer opportunities to members to interact and connect with other members to produce unimaginable and inconceivable results through dialogues and expressions.  Members from every community cross-pollinate their knowledge and wisdom with members from other communities. Every time each member submits his or her opinion, the solution to an issue gets corrected little by little. The solution is corrected partly at a time and errors are cut, slashed and incised multiple times depending upon number of members in a group. The final outcome is very close to accurate. Every step of the way, members use their inspired actions while socializing with other members. Therefore, such groups of members with special skills on are known as creative communities.

Unique Communities attracts artistic, inventive and resourceful professionals from over 100 different fields. They include but not limited to: Science, technology, social sciences, humanity, design, arts, crafts, music, sports and more. In order for their inspired work to flourish, thrive and cultivated, the socializing among these professionals from diverse fields is of crucial importance.

Once you join any community, you will find professionals from other fields who would would like to learn more about your expertise. It’s not to steal your ideas or expertise. Instead, this process would mutually benefit both parties at the same time to learn about each other’s subjects. Once you make an effort to go out of your comfort zone and dive into the ocean of multi talented professionals, you feel the exhilarating experience of learning something new everyday. A group of professionals with diverse talents and interests add special values to the functioning of the socializing.

In order to increase interactions among members, offers most advance tools and technologies that would help you to connect with members from other communities. Unique features such as writing blogs and reviews, taking interviews, voicing your opinions on almost all topics of the human interests will help you to connect with members of different groups. Once connected, you can rate special talents of every friend for his or her invaluable contribution to your life or career. Analytical tools can help you to find the best match for your talents or for your future projects. These and many other features distinguish from other social networking Websites.

Connect with Creative Professionals
It's human nature to connect with others in order to accomplish something that they alone cannot accomplish. The modern world that we witness today is a result of the collective consciousness. It includes but is not limited to: ideas, thoughts and imaginations in the form of research and development over human history. The discovery of the fire to the invention of wheels, research and development in the medical sciences, technologies, social sciences and humanities – it’s a result of collective consciousness. It's an important, priceless and invaluable contribution of millions of dedicated people through their collective collaboration; today we are privileged to witness the modern lifestyle.

Your positive contribution to the society is equally important. Therefore, creates the same context using the digital media and socializing techniques to encourage millions of professionals from different fields of the arts, sciences, technologies and humanities together under one roof so that all of you can exchange unique expressions with other professionals. The unconditional interactions between you and other professionals is indented to encourage all members of 100 communities to exchange their creativity, imagination, originality, inventiveness and ingenuity with members of other groups.

Connect with members of Creative Communities
A “cross pollination of ideas” can happen only in an environment where professionals from different fields of expertise get together and exchange their expressions. It's a professional network for all types of professionals with special talents where they can cross-pollinate their ideas, thoughts and imaginations with other members.

There are over 100 communities on Each community has its own flavor, aroma and taste. You have every opportunity to interact and mingle with members of your community as well as other communities and find the best match for your needs. We welcome designers, artists, craftsmen, musicians, architects, engineers, programmers, doctors, attorneys, executives, writers, journalists, entrepreneurs, mentors, CEOs, VCs, Recruiters and many more.

Professionals with unique knowledge in diverse fields make the exchange of original expressions even more powerful. An unimaginable force is in action when they interact with members of other groups. When you express your “intention” go out of your comfort zone or area of your expertise and pay “attention” to explore unknown fields - that's the moment your curiosity to learn more about unknown fields would make you even more smarter than others. Thus, Communities on provides you an opportunity to meet “multi-talented professionals” from diverse fields.

Promote Special Skills
Always remember “two magic words” to promote your new talents – “Unknown” and “Uncertainty.” They are truly magic if you deeply understand the power of these two magic words.

Here are two examples; Here is a first example. Steve Jobs of Apple explored unknown fields in his entire life. Playing with uncertainties was his passion. He used to visit flea markets to explore new possibilities in designs, forms, shapes and colors. He used to visit Xerox’s Lab in Palo Alto, California to look for new opportunities. He designed an iPod with the total uncertainly for its success. He designed the iPhone and iPad and entered into unknown territories. Every unknown field and uncertainty in his life made him more creative, imaginative, original, inventive and ingenious.

Let’s take a second example; It’s Canada and Japan. Both are wealthy countries. Though, there is a big difference between both of them. Canada GDP is over 4% and Japan’s GDP has been only under 1% for many years. Canada took a risk in allowing professionals from every country and brought diversity to the whole nation. All professional immigrants brought the creativity, imaginations, originality, inventiveness and ingenuity with them to Canada. Japan on the other hand, did not allowed professionals to enter their country. Japan closed the doors for outsiders into their country. The creativity, imagination, originality, inventiveness and ingenuity of the Japanese was limited since they had limited interaction with professionals with diversity in the knowledge from other countries. Therefore, it hampered its growth and you can see the result today.

To promote your skills to next levels, you must explore the unknown fields and play with uncertainty. On, you will socialize with hundreds of professionals with diverse talents. They are unknown to you. Thier talent is unknown to you. They are stranger professionals to you. Unless you socialize with the unknown professionals who possess special skills, you will not be able to acquire new skills and promote your special skills. provides all opportunities to you to enter into unknown fields and allow you to play with uncertainties to help you promote your skills. Once you explore unknown territories and play with uncertainties, all avenues to your skill development would open. You will start to get creative instincts and sparks that stems from the higher consciousness.

Principles of 'Attention' and 'Intention' applies to you as soon as you make new friends who have complimentary skills - skills that you do not possess but you 'intend' to possess by paying an 'attention' to the best qualities in those skills. Thus, while interacting with members of the communities, you pay 'attention' to what you want from them and display your 'intention' to show your readiness to transform yourself by exchanging your unique expressions.

Carefully orchestrated socializing with members would bring more exposure to the new knowledge of the unknown fields and in turn that would increase your consciousness to the higher level and uncertainty would become an opportunity.



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