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Connect with the Creative People

        1. Every member on FashionAvenue.com is 'creative' in their everyday lifestyle
        2. They are especially attracted to unique objects and well-known brands
        3. They appreciate new designs, art, gifts, gadgets and its creators in a unique way
        4. They are always in search of the merchandise that has high 'aesthetic values'

Demographics: Creative Shoppers
Connect with the Fashionistas

        1. They are known to be looking for well-known brands in the design marketplace
        2. They have fascination for the street fashion, designer fashion to couture designs
        3. They are fashionable, trendy, colorful and vibrant in their everyday lifestyle
        4. They look for the self-image or personal brand and choose their designs

Demographics: Male Buyers, Female Buyers, Girls Buyers, Boys Buyers, Smart Shoppers
Connect with the Design Buyers

        1. They are 'design savvy' buyers who look for a concept inherent in their lifestyle
        2. They are in search of unique designs that connect to their obsessions
        3. They look for a connection between the nature and design in their choices
        4. They visualize their choices of designs well before they make any purchases


Demographics: Design Lovers, Office Executives, House Wives, Businessmen


Connect with the Art Buyers

        1. They see perfection in aesthetic sense in a master-piece of art they purchase
        2. They often visit art and craft galleries to quench their obsession for art
        3. They lead the life of an artist in their hearts to transcend to a different world
        4. They look for art of high value associated with originality of the artwork


Demographics: Art lovers, Office Executives, House Wives, Businessmen, Businesswomen


Connect with the Gift Buyers

        1. They diligently read minds of those individuals whom they plan to give gifts
        2. They crave for the best gift items for their friends and family members to please them
        3. They offer gifts their beloved ones to send a signal of love and affection to them 
        4. They choose gifts that would emotionally connect to recipients' hearts


Demographics: Family Members, Friends, Students, Office Executives, Businessmen


Connect with the Beauty and Cosmetic Buyers

        1. They build their own personal brand by choosing appropriate beauty brands
        2. They boost their self-esteem by emotionally connecting to their beauty selections
        3. They choose beauty and cosmetics products that would make them feel special
        4. They look for beauty and cosmetics products endorsed by their close friends


Demographics: Female, Girls, Students, Models, Actors, Players, Office Executives


Connect with the Furniture and Decor Buyers

        1. They care about beautification of every corner of their home or office space
        2. They want an emotion touch to their selection of furniture and home decor items
        3. They display artistic choices in decorating homes while inviting their guests
        4. They go out of the way to purchase home-decor accessories that they love the most


Demographics: House Wives, Interior Decorators, Artists, Designers, Office Executives


Connect with the Lifestyle Bloggers

        1. They have an obsession to write day and night on new brands and merchandise
        2. They are the epicenter of viral effects on the internet by making this news viral
        3. They write blogs and make your designs even more acceptable and authentic to buy
        4. They write design reviews on your best designs and spread words of it to others


Demographics: Shopping Bloggers, Lifestyle Bloggers, Design Bloggers, Art Bloggers


Connect with the College Students and Teachers

        1. They love new designs, art, gifts, etc. and endorse the best out of their selections
        2. They love new online stores and would experiment with new merchandise offered
        3. They love to write blogs & reviews on their recent purchases & endorse best designs
        4. They love to own brand that would reflect their 'Personal Brands' to all they meet


Demographics: School Students, College Students, University Students, Teachers


Connect with the Media People

        1. They always look for NEWS TOPICS  - new designs in market and its creators
        2. They have an obsession to write on subjects, their readers would be interested in
        3. They write on topics that become a viral material for others to spread words of
        4. They endorse your new designs and merchandise by writing stories on it


Demographics: Readers, Newspaper Reporters, Magazine Reporters, Local Reporters

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