iWatch Concepts: Variations of Elegance



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iWatch Concepts: Variations of Elegance

The iWatch by Apple is a gadget that has revolutionized personalized wear and technological innovation. Though there are many different kinds of iWatches to this date, many concepts woven by different people and inventors offer insight into its future design and how it functions as a whole. For instance, one concept has a square yet rounded design all around the body of the watch, with a 3 x 2 inch screen with AMOLED display and other functionalities. Another concept takes on the idea from the Samsung Gear Fit, where the watch has a rectangular screen. There is even an iWatch where the entire screen is that of an actual iPhone, taking on its shape and sucb. The creativity of innovators and inventors of such watches are what makes the iWatch and other smartwatches so valuable and unique. If these ideas are taken into consideration by Apple, then the future of the iWatch will be set in stone.

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iWatch Concepts: Variations of Elegance

Creative Project

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Creative Project Name: iWatch Concepts: Variations of Elegance


Lead Creative Persons' Name: Khushil Rana


Business/Organization Name: N/A


Date: 29 June, 2015


Status: Future


Project Type: Smartwatches


Community Name: Creative Community


Location: Danbury, CT, USA  Zip: 06810


Credits/Awards: N/A


Website/Link: N/A


Tags: iWatch, Smartwatch, Concept, Apple

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