Smart Jewelry: Concept in Women's Fashion



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Smart Jewelry: Concept in Women's Fashion

If women were to wear jewelry that would enable them to be notified of incoming calls, texts, reminders and more, then this world would be more technological and enhanced. The concept of Smart Jewelry is something that inventors and creators are debating, and whether or not it will appeal to the female majority. A variety of concepts for Smart Jewelry is out there, for instance necklaces that vibrate when there is an incoming notification. There is even a bracelet where, with the push of a button, contacts the police or other emergency aid during a crisis. Earring can be used to detect heat and record temperature as well. For these Smart Jewelries, the possibilities are limitless. In the following years, if this type of Jewelry is appealing and unique for women to become interested, then Smart Jewelry will be the next trend in the already trending world of personal "smart wear".

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Smart Jewelry: Concept in Women's Fashion

Creative Project

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Creative Project Name: Smart Jewelry: Concept in Women's Fashion


Lead Creative Persons' Name: Khushil Rana


Business/Organization Name: N/A


Date: 1 N/A, 2015


Status: Future


Project Type: N/A


Community Name: Creative Community


Location: Danbury, CT, USA  Zip: 06810


Credits/Awards: N/A


Website/Link: N/A


Tags: Smart Jewelry, Women, Technology, Fashion

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