Motorola 360 Smartwatch: Roundabout Utility



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Motorola 360 Smartwatch: Roundabout Utility

The Motorola 360 Smartwatch is a circular watch that is powered by Google and manufactured by Motorola. The Moto 360 is made by many types of material, and can include a gold or silver wristband as well as leather, to give it that classic look. It is powered by Google and can display messages, local events, commute, fitness and more. The circular design allows the watch to stand out and resemble that of an actual watch, which may cost thousands of dollars, depending on the brand. In essence, the Moto 360 is a simple and versatile piece of gadgetry that will entice the user to wear it all the time

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Motorola 360 Smartwatch: Roundabout Utility

Creative Project

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Creative Project Name: Motorola 360 Smartwatch: Roundabout Utility


Lead Creative Persons' Name: Khushil Rana


Business/Organization Name: N/A


Date: 22 June, 2015


Status: Current


Project Type: Smartwatches


Community Name: Creative Community


Location: Danbury, CT, USA  Zip: 06810


Credits/Awards: N/A


Website/Link: N/A


Tags: Motorola, 360, Smartwatch

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