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Universe Quotes


Fine creation always needs
patience and perseverance.

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The universe decided our coordinates.
It left us to decide our life’s coordinates.



We are the smallest slice of universe’s creation.
Always slice a creation to articulate
its real beauty.



This beautiful creation was meant for the
human to see and witness it.



Our planet is a small blue dot in the universe.
We humans are privileged to be living
on this beautiful blue dot.



It invigorates tranquility…
It rejuvenates the human life every moment…
It revitalizes values in our life…



The universe and forces within it
beautifully choreograph the vibrant life
bestowed to all of us on earth.



It has a rhythm to dance…
It has a rhythm to expand…
It has a rhythm to enlighten…
Celebrate a beautiful life!



The smallest element in the universe carries
the same energy particles of which
you were also created.



Connect your core conscious with the infinite
energy that the universe possesses and
acquire even more inner power.


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