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Success Quotes


Your conscious decision to act and not wait
would set off a momentum to success.

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You have supremacy over your
own consciousness.
Let your own consciousness take
charge of your life.



Let acrimony prevail…
Let bitterness prevail…
Let hostility prevail…
Let animosity prevail…
They are elements necessary for the success!



Venture into challenging your own consciousness.
It’s a beginning of series of failures followed by
a great shining success.



Tap infinite power in author’s pens…
Tap infinite obsession in designer’s sketches…
Tap infinite curiosity in entrepreneur’s efforts…
Success will look more beautiful!



An inspirational story that is full of
suspense, adventure and endeavors
which pass failure completely.



Pleasure derived from
post failure revival is true success.



When you succeed, you become happy,
When you fail, you become learned.


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