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Success Quotes


What defines a success?
It is your contribution to the society in which you
live that would benefit the humanity.

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To be successful is to fail…
To fail is to learn…
To learn is to be successful…



The fruit of success is only sweet
when you have experienced the
sour taste of failure.



If layers of failures in your subconscious mind are
piled together, the resulting product would be
a success.



Success can only be defined
as the merit of how much
you have learned from your failures.



It always begins with the darkness.
Once your consciousness awakens,
all senses that are  awaken
manifests into success.



Take one step at a time.
Every step will take you one step
closer to a success.



Be a phoenix and jump into the scorching fire.
The same fire will find you a way
to a grand success.



Success achieved through failures
is more valuable than enjoying
a momentary success.



Cheer bring a pleasure…
Pleasure brings positive energy…
Positive energy bring a success…


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