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Story Quotes


Stories may be passed down
but the legacy is consistent
throughout the passage of history.

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Our lives are our story.
We know our beginning, but
we can never know our end.



Every story has a message
and every message has life.



The story only becomes interesting
if you are willing to dwell deeper
into a bigger picture.



There is a beginning and end
to every story ever told,
but never in the story of history.



Your success story must include points where
you’ve failed and risen again and again.



Every story begins with a small dot.
It’s a dot inked by a pen, which has a direct connection
with the center of your soul.



Narrate the milestones in your life.
You can turn it into an interesting story
to tell others.



A true story radiates inspiration.
A success story exudes the spirit.
An inquisitive story emanates true knowledge.


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