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Power Quotes


Take a brush with the white paint.
Its strokes overpower all other colors.

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Ink it with your ideas…
Ink it with your imaginations…
Ink it with your opinions…
It’s the “stupid” ink that makes you so powerful! 



When it is simple,
it is more powerful.



Articulate powerlessness.
All powers will prevail!



Question when you discard.
Question when you ignore.
Question when you disregard.
Tap the infinite power in
discarded, ignored and disregarded.



Exercise your power of creativity.
Exercise your power of perception.
Exercise your power of adaptability.



It’s the ability to transform a simple concept into
something even more understandable.



Keep suspending assumptions.
Power will gain the momentum.



Every power comes from within.
The creative mind flourishes from that power.



Your inner power is always untapped.
Press the trigger of creativity and a small piece of it
would surface right away.


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