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Peace Quotes


If you are centered,
peace would find its way toward the center.

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You cannot search for it.
You cannot discover it.
You cannot manufacture it.
It’s already there within you.



True peace originates
when you demonstrate your intention
to transform it from the current context
to peaceful context.



At the center of your soul, there is a
glittering light. Keep it burning. It’s peace.
It would rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit
at every moment.



The world will only be peaceful when
all of us learn to live in peace.



When the creative mind is at peace,
you can experience infinite possibilities!



The peaceful mind is a happy mind.



Every second lived in peace,
brings forward a peaceful life.



In order to find peace,
you need to be in peace yourself.



The more peaceful you are,
the more correct decisions you can make.


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