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Obsession Quotes


Obsession can always be triggered by
the knowledge on uncertainty in success.

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Creative obsession is an offshoot of multiple
failures followed by perseverance.



To get creatively obsessed,
sit on the passenger’s seat only.
You will have a 360 degree view!



Let the birds sing.
Let the stream flow.
Let the nature dance.
The Rhythm of obsession would be
automatically set!



Obsession is like a ballet dance.
Every time you fall, you get back up
and it multiplies exponentially.



Creative elements that trigger the obsession,
also defines the purpose, direction and results.



Focus on your objective.
Add the knowledge to your focus.
It would become an obsession.



Centering your mind to a dot and
making it your point of view
triggers the obsession.



Creative obsession for any subject would
emerge through incessant meditating on that subject
for hours, days and months


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