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Music Quotes


Music brings harmony to those
who pay attention to its every tune
that connects hearts.

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Watch the director of the orchestra.
The air that is cut by his stick while conducting,
send waves of harmonies and melodies.



When it plays, it vibrates.
When it engages, it connects.
When it trembles, it beats.
It’s the music!



You are instrumental when you play the music.
It’s that power, if connected, makes you to play
to its tune and harmony.



It’s interpretation of love.
It’s manifestation of admiration.
It’s demonstration of values.



Center of the soul is the
source of harmonious melody where notations
are played by divine powers.



When played, it translates into ecstasy.
When tuned, it connects to highest powers.
When directed, it turns into orchestra.



Every pitch you sound, every instrument you play and every note that is read stems from the creative mind that you hold, thus music is only bound to the realm of creativity.

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