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Movement Quotes


A creative movement is always set off by
non-creative people subconsciously.

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Outside movement brings about
social changes!
Inside movement brings about
spiritual changes!



A successful movement brings the
core consciousness of the
participants together.



Voids in social change
set off a movement for the future.



Find a purpose.
Find its epicenter.
Twist and tweak the epicenter 100 times.
A new movement will set in motion.



What triggers a movement?
Collective minds!
Collective bodies!
Collective spirits!



A small spark can ignite a social cause.
Old rules defunct and a new rule prevail.



If it benefits a few - it becomes a faction.
If it benefits a cluster - it becomes a lobby.
If it benefits all – it becomes a movement.



It’s not led by the one voice.
It’s collective voice of subconscious minds.


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