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Mind body spirit Quotes


The self-correcting mechanism in your brain
would synch the mind, body and spirit.

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It’s not the mind calling the body…
It’s not the body calling the spirit…
It’s not the spirit calling the mind…
It’ your core-consciousness calling all of the
mind, body and spirit together!



The Mind was created to connect
to infinite powers.
The Body was sculpted to experience
life events.
The Spirit was instilled in us to
celebrate our life.



Accomplish total control over your mind.
The body and spirit will be in your control



Add characters to your mind
Add spirit to your body.
Add value to your spirit.
Your creative journey will be smooth…



When the mind permeates into the body…
When the body permeates into the spirit...
When the spirit permeates into the mind...
The experience becomes paradoxical!



Think of a mind without body!
Think of a body without spirit!
Think of a spirit without mind!
It’s pure chaos!


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