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Mind Quotes


A mind void of unwavering thoughts
unleashes wisdom within the spirit itself.

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Your mind makes you muse.
Your body takes control of the muse.
Your spirit takes you from the lowest to the
highest level of consciousness!



Breath deep.
Breath deeper.
At the true depth,
experience the transition from
the deep to the very deepest!



Be your mind!
Show your mind!
Discover the true potential
of your mind!



The creative mind is unique,
which is why it is inspired and motivated.



The most creative person
has the most resourceful mind.



To become intellectually influential,
your mind must be open to all opportunities.



Every single thought that arises
is the result of a influential mind.



In order to have a strong mind,
your conscience must be stronger.



The creative mind stimulates
the drive to being successful.


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