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Line Quotes


When an artist draws a line…
A line gets connected to his heart…
The heart is linked to his core consciousness…
A new line turns artist’s imaginations into
a beautiful masterpiece. 

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Line needs focus.
Focus needs attention.
Attention needs awareness. 



Think of the world without a line.
Think of creativity without a line.
Think of artistry without a line.
If a line exists, the power of creativity exists.



When a relation breaks, it ends bonds.
When heart breaks, it ends connections.
When a line breaks, it multiplies…



A stroke of a line,
if it misses commas and full stops,
would redefine a new social revolution
completely in a new way.



A single line can either be point to point or never ending. That is how creativity works: It may be from

one idea to another or may be never ending, moving towards the path to imagination.


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