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Life Quotes


Every step you move in your life,
demonstrates your ability to live life like a
human being for the humanity.

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You are born on earth.
It’s not a coincidence.
There is a purpose.



You are always in search of magical excellence.
Life is not to seek excellence only.
It is to seek the happiness!



Life is about reinventing yourself in a
new form every moment…



You are living in a connected world.
If one thread breaks, your heart does too.



Every connection you make in your life
is carefully interwoven into
your philosophy, principles and beliefs.



Every word that you speak in your life becomes
your mantra since it goes into your
subconscious mind and resides there
for your whole lifetime.



You are destined to meet them…
You are destined to connect to them…
You are destined to display humanity to them…
Therefore, you have been bestowed life!



Generosity of the spirit in living life would lead you to
spread love, humanity and kindness.



Demonstrate the altruism…
Display the bold characters of unselfishness…
Promote your magnanimity…
You will be light years ahead of others
living a purposeful life.


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