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Invention Quotes


It’s a result of a collection of the smallest details
ignored by millions in the past centuries…

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It’s a direction driven…
It’s a purpose driven…
It’s obsession driven…



Digging into the imaginative and inventive
creativity in your respective field would make you
connect to your core-consciousness to
discover new objects.



What you see is not the truth.
What you hear is not the truth.
What you assume is not the truth.
To invent, you got to hear your inner voice…



Artist finds new techniques…
Designer finds new styles…
Inventor finds new instincts…



Your inner eyes had noticed it.
Your inner power had inspired you.
Your inner consciousness had enlightened you.
Awaken all your senses in a holistic way.
Witness an invention right away!



Collective Wisdom and Consciousness of many,
if examined critically with a totally different perspective,
would direct you to excel in the
art of inventing.



The greatest invention in the human history was
the invention of the automobile
that is far more powerful than Internet,
which connected the disconnected.


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