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Insight Quotes


Your insight to distinguish the creative from
the non-creative would help you
to standout.

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It’s art to see the world differently.
It’s art to think of creativity differently.
It’s art to acquire knowledge differently.



Tap the power of insight to discover
innovative and creative way to
demonstrate your abilities.



It’s an artist’s instrument to visualize.
It’s a designer’s apparatus to new style.
It’s a scientist’s tool to new inventions.



Insight into creativity is fostered and cultivated by the fire
to experience something that is
fresh, innovative and original.



It triggers new ideas…
It sets off new styles…
It promotes new social revolutions…



We work hard to gain insight,
but we bear the fruit of the truth.



The insight to knowledge
is the sight of learning.



Insight can only be found
when you have the sight to look inwards
in whatever you are looking for.



Your eyes are meant for sight,
but your mind can see the insight.


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