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In silence, you create great ideas.
In meditation, you create great ideology.

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It blossoms like a flower…
It smells like jasmine…
It evolves like a dream…



An idea of an existence itself awakens
your senses for your well being.



Any Idea evolves into an ideology
when the mind, body and spirit merges
to non-duality.



Your ideas fly high when your
consciousness flies higher.



Wholeness can be achieved through ideas
that are free from clutter.



Slice your best idea into small pieces.
Try to materialize the smallest of it.
You will be amazed!



When mind seeks the body…
When body seeks the spirit…
When spirit seeks the mind…
A pure idea is born!



The whole idea is collective wisdom of
millions of wise men of the
progressive society.



The second name of an idea is an assumption
unless it is manifested into a functional idea.


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