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Humanism Quotes


It’s a surge of pure consciousness for the
betterment of humankind.

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It always begins with curiosity.
It always ends with civility.



Perception based on truth and
the truth based on honesty
would drive you to humanism.



The Human is in search of excellence…
The Excellence is in search of humanism… 



It’s the obsession of a man
to dig deep into their core consciousness
to rummage around to find the authenticity
of the truth.



It’s the greed for knowledge.
It’s the greed for honesty.
It’s the greed for the integrity.



Introspect your core consciousness.
Humanism will automatically surface.



It defeats the anti-perseverance in you.
It defeats the anti-spirit in you.
It defeats the anti-integrity in you.
That’s the humanism!



It pours out of the human excellence…
It pours out of the human emotions…
It pours out of the human creativity…



It’s the result of the scorching process of
right and wrong.


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