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Fashion Quotes


Pollen on a stem is enough for a bee
to create attention-grabbing
fashionable art.

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Buttons manifest connections.
Mind manifests the spirits.
Design manifests the designer’s
artistic creativity.



Style evolves
when the designer connects his mind strokes
with the strokes of his spirits.



Let a dot create a form…
Let a form create a shape…
Let a shape create a design…



Tap the forces of colors!
 Fashion will dance to the tune of
its new style.



Give me liberty.
Give me space.
Give me solitude.
I will fashion your styles…



It shines your liberty to express…
It manifests your love to propagate…
It demonstrate your love to articulate…
Until then, hold your breath!



It’s who you are!
It’s what you speak!
It’s how you react!
It’s how you present yourself!


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