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Fashion Quotes


Let the mindfulness of a designer prevail
to transcend from the single color world
to multi-color world.

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A new style emerges when
quiet minds are in action.



Go beyond
an artistic prowess and dexterity
of a designer since their connection
to infinite creativity is absolute!



When resources are scarce,
the contemporary mind get into action to
produce the most amazing designs.



Celebrity Design is an endorsement
By the stylish people,
of the stylish people and
for stylish the people.



Fashioning the style begins only when the
clearing of the mind begins.



Appreciation of style is a reflection of
humbleness to the humanity.



The chaotic merge of
all blacks, whites and grays
results into multicolor creations!



A model walking on the ramp reflects
spectrum of a rainbow that recites
the natural rhythm with which
the design was created.



Mesmerize the inner beauty!


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