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Excellence Quotes


Every step you go forward, make sure those
steps you leave behind have excelled
the preceding ones.

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While achieving excellence,
you achieve excellence in the context
that augments the excellence. 



Excellence excels only when the intention is
demonstrated to excel the art of
accomplishing creativity.



You need the driving force…
You need the perseverance…
You need the fire…
to excel in your next venture!



What drive you to excel?
Your commitment to motivations…
Your assurance to inspirations…
Your driving force to aspirations…



Pay attention to small details.
One smallest piece of detail will change
your fortune forever.



Your rational side would question it…
Your logical side would falter it…
Your emotional side would stumble it…
You’ve got to overcome it all to excel…



Recognition of intuition through the
quieting mind would lead you to



Attaining excellence is a journey.
It must augment incrementally.
If you obtain the absolute excellence,
then you are eternal.



It enlightens minds!
It invigorates body!
It refreshes the spirit!


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