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Energy Quotes


It goes up…
It subsides now and then…
You have access to the infinite energy at your discretion
all the time when you need it.

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Your obsession radiates energy…
Your passion radiates energy…
Your character radiates energy…
What else you need to succeed?



How much energy in one atom?
How many atoms you are made up of?
Tap infinite energy!



Even the smallest particle on earth
carries energy.
You are one of the biggest particles
on earth!



It makes you manifest your dreams…
It makes you demonstrate your abilities…
It makes you express the freedom of ideas…
You inner power radiates energy in a
sustained way all the time.



Everything around you matters!
All of them emit good or bad energy!
The Choice is yours!



Before you investigate who you are,
discover the source of the energy that
makes you tick every moment.



A social revolution with energy waves
directs the crowd to follow the
collective consciousness.



It’s spontaneous!
It’s impulsive!
It’s unprompted!
Tap it before it gets lost!



Energy is always produced
when connections trigger.
Energy is always destroyed
when connections breaks down.


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