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Design Quotes


The infinite creative skills derived from the
mind, body and spirit to create!

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It’s the victory of artistic objectivity
over artistic subjectivity!



The infinite power derived from the
mind, body and spirit to create!



It’s the manifestation of conspiracy
by the cosmic powers
which are in play.



Vibrant colors…
Where each color has all the colors in it…
That design requires no color…



Spread your wings to 360 degrees.
Your perspective will change every moment.
A new design will be born.



Aesthetics of nature’s creations,
appraised by only a few chosen masters,
give rise to the absolute design.



Dream first.
Visualize second.
Then, create last.



It inspires when no one is around…
It invigorates when it dances with the nature…
It rejuvenates with the breeze…
It’s a design!



It’s not a political statement…
It’s not a designer’s statement…
It’s not an artist’s statement…
It’s a design itself!


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