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Dance Quotes


Inspired movements to connect the
Mind, body and spirit
to the finest style.

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A rhythmic movement by a dancer is
choreographed to the tune of
rhythmic dance of nature.



It’s worship!
It’s reverence!
It’s adoration!



It’s mind soothing…
It’s body refreshing…
It’s spirit energizing…



Spirited soul in love with the
rhythm of nature!



It is perfectly choreographed by the universe,
Which is part of its most
mesmerizing conspiracy!



Express your emotions…
Express your sensations…
Express your gestures…



Few are endowed movement skills
that are synchronous with the
dance of cosmic powers.



It’s expression of social ecstasy.
It’s expression of custom delightfulness.
It’s expression of cultural bliss.
That’s called spirited dance!



It’s graceful reflections by conscious minds…
It’s elegant styles by the cosmic forces…
It’s polished and refined means for performers!


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