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Celebrity Quotes


An ideology where people’s aspiration trigger
selflessness and humanity.

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Mindfulness to altruism…
Mindfulness to idealism…
Mindfulness to surrealism…



The Desire to achieve the unattainable
is at the cost of
human creativity and intelligence.



A unique status achieved through
Karma, Dharma and Marma.



It’s the people’s creation.
Spark anything viral and the celebrity flies high.



The embodiment of excellence
in creative emanation through
mind, body and spirit.



The Artist’s brush can never create it.
The Designer’s vision cannot portray it.
It’s the collective consciousness
of millions of fans.



Crystals display nature’s conspiracy!
Character displays human’s conspiracy!
Celebrity displays people’s conspiracy!



Symbolism and Fame
are complimentary
to each other.



It is style is coordinated with time.
It is intelligence coordinated with diligence.
It is creativity coordinated with action.


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