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Buddha Quotes


What reveals true nature,
can reveal a path to peace too.
Sit still! Sit tranquil! Sit silent!

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Always reside inside your body.
Understand what your body wants to say.
Follow the instructions.
Be mindful!



The nature of impermanence would create and
at appropriate times it would destruct.
Its nature’s incessant cycle!



Transform your state of mind by awakening
the senses that integrate your
mind, body and spirit.



Effortless concentration can only lead you
to deep meditation.



Effortless concentration can only lead you
to deep meditation.



Embrace the wholeness…
Embrace oneness…
Embrace comprehensiveness…



Your ego, fear and notion would lead you to the
non-creative path. Win over them. You will know the
absolute truth about the life.



Mindfulness invigorates the self-esteem…
Mindfulness refreshes sense of worthiness…
Mindfulness rejuvenates self-respect…
Always be mindful of what you do…



Upon the realization of the self identity -
“who am I”,
Duality becomes non-existent.


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