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Beauty Quotes


Harness the beauty in a smallest object.
Who knows?
You will perceive beauty in it
that no one else has perceived before.

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Get rid of superfluous thoughts.
The eyes will see the beauty
in the whole universe.



It does not require appreciation…
It does not require admiration…
It does not require approval…
It’s absolute!



An enlightened mind seeks beauty
in its core consciousness!



Articulate an object that incorporates free
expressions, elocution and enunciation.
Beauty will prevail…



Obsession to simplicity!



Let beauty blossom at the
frequency of a natural rhythm.



Attractiveness of an art is in its style…
Exquisiteness of a design is in its outlines…
Magnificence of a dance is in its choreography…
Search excellence in beauty!



Screen your thoughts…
Dispose off superfluous thoughts…
Left over carries beauty element within it!



Before you caught up in a train of
thoughts and feeling, see beauty in its
purest form through meditation.


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