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Attitude Quotes


Why have a bad attitude and be miserable
when you can have a good attitude
and prosper!

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Someone whose outlook is positive and strong
has a natural attitude of being
pure hearted and resilient.



Your attitude becomes positive
when you make someone who is negative
better about themselves.



The Conscious mind spurs attention…
The Active mind spurs awareness…
The Creative mind spurs attitude…



Claim liberty to be your rights…
Claim freedom to be your values…
Claim sovereignty to be your loyalty…



It’s mindfulness of who you are…
It’s mindfulness of what you can do…
It’s mindfulness of your goals…



The power to embrace all and
accept all…



Tap the power of pride.
Tap the power of self-respect.
Tap the power of the self.
Your attitude will be one of a kind.



Awaken all your senses.
Attitude will find its own path.


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