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Privacy Policy

At FashionAvenue.com, we value the trust you have placed in us. We believe that in order to gain the trust of our users, FashionAvenue.com must act responsibly by promoting fundamental principles of fair information practices. Therefore, you must know details about how we collect and use your information.


A fundamental concept in building trust and safety is to help you communicate freely on the on FashionAvenue.com and at the same time develop a confidence and trust with that you can shop, search information, and communicate with other users with ease.


Our commitment is to protect your privacy while giving you the safest online experience. Our mission is to help you communicate with users in a safe environment.

By accepting our privacy policy, you agree to allow us to use your information as described in this Privacy Policy and other policies on our Website.

Please note that children have limited access to our Website and that too under the strict supervision of their parents or guardians. Children under 18 years of age are not allowed to participate in selling and buying activities.

We do not sell or lease your personal information to any third party. Your personal information is used solely to make FashionAvenue.com – a "person-to-person" marketplace. It is our responsibility and promise to keep your personal information confidential.


How do we collect your personal information?

How do we use your personal information?

How third parties use your personal information?

How you should use others’ information?

What are your privacy choices?

How does FashionAvenue.com safeguard your information?


How do we collect your personal information?

Your personal information: When you sign-up first time

Credit card information: When you sign-up first time

Checking Account information to make direct deposit: When you sign-up first time

Statistics of use of the Website: By making use of cookies


Explanation: Please note that we ask for your personally identifiable information with your knowledge and consent.


We ask you your personally identifiable information when you signup and offer options to correct or review this information whenever you wish to do so by going into My Account. We collect information when you sign-up on our Website to become a User – the seller or buyer. Once you sign-up and browse on our Website next time, you do not have to reveal personally identifiable information about yourself again.


Your information helps us to run the general day-to-day operations. This in turn gives you the best services and features of your choice. The objective is to provide information that is tailored to your actual needs.

This information that we collect includes your first and last name, gender, year of birth, e-mail address, profession, city, state, zip code, country and Web address. We ask for credit card information that includes credit card number, expiration date, name and address. If you are the seller then we also collect bank name, checking account number and routing number to make direct deposit into your account when you sell products to buyers.

You are not anonymous to us once you sign-up! We track all the information about your use of our Web site once you sign-up. This helps us to provide better and customized services. Your identity cannot be private and you cannot expect it to be private once you sign-up and participate either in the selling or buying process or go to a community sections on our website where your identity is exposed to the third parties.

We track information that includes the URL of the Web site from where you come from and URL where you go from our Web site and also your IP address. We collect information about the browser and pages most visited by you when you make use of services. It is automatically collected as soon as your presence is detected on our website. You agree to allow us to use technologies that help us to collect information about you and your use of our Web site.

We track messages posted by users on message boards. We access this information for security purpose as well as for running a smooth operation. Our server log saves information about your use of our Web site for the indefinite time for marketing and promotions and to enforce the User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

We make the use of cookies that is an industry standard. Cookies are small program files that reside on your hard drive when you sign-up on our Web site. It helps us to analyze the effectiveness of our strategies: safety, security, promotion methods, page flow, page usage, special interests pages and the most important is a ‘Trust.’  The analysis helps us to offer you customized services and the use of special features. Please note that, once your session is completed, most of the cookies residing on your hard drive are automatically deleted.

We ask for more information about you in case of sweepstakes or contests – regulated by state and federal government or to help you access "special editions" on our Web site where others are not allowed. Your contact information or personally identifiable information is used to notify you if you win a prize in sweepstakes or contests.

How do we use your personal information?

To customize contents, product offers and advertisements…

To make the selling and buying process easy among the trading partners…

To market and promote products and services…

To resolve disputes among users…

To create safety and trust among users through ID Verification…

To keep a track of transactions between sellers and buyers…

To enforce the User Agreement and Privacy Policy…


Explanation: We maintain the file of each user on FashionAvenue.com. We use your information to customize your needs – customized contents, products and advertisements. The internal and external service providers use it for the market research and promotion purposes in a statistical form. It helps us to enforce the User Agreement and Privacy Policy.


As a seller, you expect the best services from us - we make direct deposit to your bank account using your bank name, routing number and checking account number. If you choose mail option then we mail checks using your mailing address. We also use your information to resolve disputes with your trading partners. You agree to authorize FashionAvenue.com to use your credit card information to charge your credit cards when you use our services. You allow us to provide your contact information to the buyer to communicate with you after you sell items.


As a buyer, you expect the best services from us - we charge your credit card for the products you purchase and share your contact information with the seller so that they can ship items to your shipping address. You agree to authorize FashionAvenue.com to use your credit card information to charge your credit cards when you make purchase. You allow us to provide your contact information to the seller to complete each transaction.


We collect information about your page layout, site usage, quality of the products, images, product offers, services offers, colors of the pages and presentation and all the information that you post on our Website - to improve our marketing and promotion of our products and services.


ID Verification: The information that we collect from you while you sign-up are used for the ID Verification. Users’ ID verification reflects the authenticity of personally identifiable information that matches the information provided by the user when they sign-up on our Website.  This information helps buyers to trust the seller as a trading partner. It includes name, address, phone number and e-mail address. Our selling and buying system is based upon ‘Trust’ and ‘Safety.’ ID Verification is to create a safe and secured trading environment. It creates mutual trust among the trading partners. ID Verification information is posted in the POP UP Window.


Our Security Department: We use your information to maintain discipline on our web site. Our security department is keeping a watch and takes the actions to prevent illegal activities and fraud from happening. We reserve the right to contact any users at anytime at our discretion if we find the suspected fraud or illegal activity is exercised by any members. We contact users in their ‘My Account’ under ‘Respond to Safety and Security inquiry’ or we may contact users directly using the phone number or e-mail address. This is about safety and trust! If necessary, we may contact the law enforcement or third party and disclose your personally identifiable information to them to protect our interests and protect the safety of all users.


Our Quality Control Department: Our quality control department may contact you and request you to correct the quality of your presentation while you sell items. They may request you to remove your items immediately from your showcase if your presentation does not meet the quality and standards. You will be contacted using your contact information under ‘Respond to quality control inquiry!



How third parties use your personal information?


FashionAvenue.com members: While selling and buying

Card authorization and fraud screening services: Charging your cards

Community members: When exchanging new ideas

Advertisers: Who offers the customized products or services to users

Joint ventures: When we jointly offer new services

Market research firms: While promoting our services

Sweepstakes firms: While running sweepstakes

External service providers: Merchant services, escrow services etc.

Internal service providers: Who design and develop the selling and buying system

Law enforcement agencies: While complying with law


Explanation: FashionAvenue.com never sell, rent or lease your information to the third parties. We share your information with our business partners, subsidiaries and joint ventures worldwide under our strict confidentiality and agreement.


We do not have control over your information when - (1) Federal Law & Enforcement Agencies force us to provide your personally identifiable information. (2) Third Parties may illegally collect the information about you without our knowledge. (3) Third Parties may illegally intercept your transmission using unknown electronic devices. (4) Third Parties may store and misuse the information for the unintended purposes. (5) Third Parties may collect the information and sell or rent them to others without our knowledge.


FashionAvenue.com Members: Your information (e-mail address, phone, mailing address and other contact information) is used to complete transactions. There are several areas where your information is disclosed. It includes – User ID, items for sale, items you purchased in the past, items sold in the past, your messages in the message boards, e-mail address, mailing address and ratings is available to users to complete the deal.  We send notices to users to enforce our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.


Card Authorization and Fraud Protection Services: While transaction is in process – we need to take the help of the card authorization services and fraud protection services to complete the transaction. Selling or buying process cannot be completed without their help.


Community Members: Community section is a place where your identity is easily exposed to other community members. This is a place where sellers and buyers democratically exchange their ideas. This is a place where your User ID can be exposed to hundreds of other users who are interested in messages left by you in the message boards.


Advertisers: Advertisers bring revenue that helps us to run our day-to-day operations. We share your limited personally identifiable information with them. Most of them are statistical in nature. Since this information is in statistical in nature, users are not identified as an individual. It is used for the marketing and promotion products and services.


Joint Venture: We share your information with our subsidiaries and joint venture all over the world. This is to facilitate the trading of your products worldwide. We disclose your information to such ventures or combinations of such ventures that have the common interest. In such case, your personally identifiable information will be as safe as here on our Web site. You will be informed of such an event of acquiring or combining other ventures with our Web site. Your information will be protected to the extent possible under the applicable law.


Market research firms: We must know the effectiveness of our strategies in place. Market research firms can help to bring solutions to our effectiveness to any strategies. We share your information with market research firms. They use your information to provide you customized and better services.


Sweepstakes: The federal or state government regulates Sweepstakes. Users, who participate in this process, need to provide their personally identifiable information to receive awards or prize. Your personally identifiable information is disclosed to the sweepstakes organizers in order to help them to reach you with results of sweepstakes.


Service Providers (External): External service providers includes but are not limited to – merchant services, listing services, escrow services, mediation services etc. Once you accept such external services, the Privacy Policy of the external service provider will govern your privacy. In order to protect your privacy from the external service providers – you must simply not accept their services.


Service providers (Internal): Internal Service Providers help us to build our Web site and communities. They design and develop the new features that help users to use our system with great ease. They operate under an agreement of restricted use of your personally identifiable information.


Law Enforcement: Intellectual property rights – Trademarks and Copyrights; users must have rights to use the trademarks or copyrights if any from the appropriate authorities. In case of infringement, the law enforcement may approach us and we have to provide them with your personal information. We may disclose information during the investigation of fraud or illegal activity. The law enforcement may inquire of you in case of (1) Trademark Infringement (2) Copyright Infringement (3) Legal Liability (4) Suspected Fraud (5) Piracy (5) Harassment (6) Unlawful Activity (7) Selling of restricted material (8) Potential threats to other users (9) Violation of term of user agreement (10) Violation of Privacy Policy and other Policies. Actions are necessary to protect rights of other users.


Please note that third parties (hackers) may illegally use the technology or techniques that may surpass our technology or techniques to collect your private information. We have no control over techniques used by the third parties (hackers) who access or intercept your transmission or communication without our knowledge or make use of your information without our permission. Please note that Perfect security never exists on the Internet in spite of our efforts.


How you should use others’ information?

Communicate with trading partners before sale of items…

Communicate with trading partners during sale of items…

Communicate with trading partners after sale of the items…


Personally identifiable information of others is as important as yours. Respect their information and make sure their information is used for the trading purposes only. You must use personally identifiable information of others to carry out safe trading with your trading partners.


Your use of personally identifiable information of other users is limited to selling and buying activities only. The user IDs, e-mail addresses, phone numbers or other contact information must be used for the trading purposes only on FashionAvenue.com. Use of personal information of your trading partners for any other use is a violation of the User Agreement and Privacy Policy.


You are licensed to use personally identifiable information of other users to…

To carry out the safe trading with your partners…

To carry out solicited commercial communication purposes only….

To make payments, credits, shipping, escrow and insurance purposes…

To resolve disputes with your trading partners…

To make complaints

To study your trading partners and build the confidence…



You are not licensed to use personally identifiable information of other users to…

To store permanently the personal information…

To send unsolicited messages to sell or buy your items…

To sell or rent personal information…

To make threats to other users…

To make a use of devices to collect information of other users…


You are not allowed to disclose information about other users in your database to the third parties without our written permission.


What are your privacy choices?

Once you sign-up and become the user on our Web site, you have an option to view or update your account information and credit card or checking account information any time by logging in to your account and click on make changes in your ‘My Account.’

You notification preferences are set to receive information on special features, latest products, offers by selected companies, invitations to product surveys and promotions. You have freedom to change the notification preferences by logging in your account and select notification preferences and make changes. You may add or remove notification preferences.


How does FashionAvenue.com safeguard your information?

FashionAvenue.com automatically encrypt your confidential personal information in transit from your computer to our using the Secure Socket Layer protocols (SSL) with an encryption length of 128- bits. Your information resides on our secured servers protected by firewall. Your personal information is available to authorized personnel of FashionAvenue.com only. All authorized personnel of FashionAvenue.com are trained on how to handle your valuable personal information and subject to strict limitations in handling that information to protect your privacy.



Password Protection: Your password is intended to carry out the trading activities only. It must remain confidential and secured by you. Once you lose your password, you cannot access and use our Website. If it goes into the hands of other users, they may easily misuse your information. Losing your password may result in legally binding actions against you.


Your Membership: You may cancel your membership for any reasons. You may also cancel your membership in case the disclosure of your information on our Website to the third parties that may harm you in one or any other way and that may result into any type of loss to you. We have no control over such misuse of your information by the third parties.

Confidentiality and Security: Your information is an asset to us. Unauthorized users are prevented from accessing your data. We use the ‘secured socket layer’ and ‘firewall’ to protect your information asset. We have the technology in place to protect your information but we do not promise you that our technology will never be hacked by the hackers.

Other information collectors: Different rules apply when you disclose your personally identifiable information directly to the third parties – sellers, buyers and other than those discussed in this privacy policy. This privacy policy addresses the privacy issues associated with our Website only. When you disclose your information to others, they control their own privacy policy. We have no control over their privacy policy and therefore you are subject to the privacy policy of third parties.

E-mail to friends & relatives: This service is designed to help you to send e-mails to your friends and relatives whom you know personally. This service should not be used for the spam. E-mails you send to your friends and relatives are discarded at the same time and not stored by us for any other purpose.

Welcome e-mail & newsletter: Our Welcome e-mail will give you an overview of FashionAvenue.com. It will be automatically mailed to you when you become a new member for the first time. We use your e-mail address to send you a newsletter that will reflect new products and services offered our advertisers.


Changes to this Privacy Policy: We reserve the right to make changes to the privacy policy at certain times. A notice will be sent to you by e-mail 30 days before it goes into effect. The revised privacy will be automatically in effect 30 days after it is posted. The notice of such changes will also be posted on our announcement board. You may choose to continue your membership after reviewing changes in our privacy policy.


Conflict of terms: We have designed and developed our privacy policy in order to protect interests of users on our Web site. You may agree and disagree to terms. We always make an effort to make our privacy policy easy to understand.

Any Questions? You can direct any privacy policy related questions to our mailing address at...

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