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Beta 1.2 is world's most advanced social media site.
A full version is available to all members from August 27th 2018.
Please use “Photo” and “News” sections until then.

Welcome to! - A vibrant social network is designed and developed for creative, innovative and genius users like you, and, empower you to share your information with others under the safe environment on our site

This privacy policy is a guideline on how we collect your information and use your collected information through its websites, apps, privacy services and technology solutions and at the same time make you feel safe in browsing and interacting with other creative users on our website. We are processor and controller of your collected information and assume the moral responsibility to protect your personal data. A process of BUILDING TRUST with members like you is our highest priority when you become an active part of our largest human connectivity network on internet. Our objective is to empower you even more when you share your knowledge and imaginations with others on this powerful and beautiful platform. Together, we can make this platform a de facto standard on internet for the creative socializing that would produce millions more creative people than one can imagine.

Therefore, we want you to read our privacy policy first and then make your own decision on signing up on website to become a registered member. Upon signing up on, share your creative ideas, thoughts and imaginations with other members from diverse creative fields to make the world even more beautiful place to live for all. Signing up on, accepting its terms of use including a privacy policy and sharing your information on our site is your own personal decision. While browsing our website, if you visit links outside of, you are subjected to the privacy policies of those websites. Let's build a beautiful community that is vibrant, lively and full of confidence while sharing the information!

The following terms shall be used in this Privacy Policy. "We" or "The Website" shall be used for "" "You" will be used for the end users like you who share information with others on our site. values the trust that you have placed in us and believes that in order to gain the trust of our users, we must act responsibly by promoting fundamental principles of fair information or data practices. Because of this, we want you to know details about how we collect and use your information when you sign up and start using our online services and start sharing your information that you find would not harm you personally and financially. Your active awareness, alertness and knowledge about sharing your own information with your new friends and fans on our site is advised when communicating with other members on our site, where most of them are unknown to you. We would continue to build the trust every step of the way by providing you with more powerful tools that would protect you and your information from time to time and would prevent the data breach by other unknown sources. If you find the sources that are responsible for the data breach on, then please let us know using our address below. Together, let's make more friendlier and safe place for you and your friends on internet.

As used in this privacy agreement, "Personally Identifiable Information" that you share while you sign up and become a registered member on, is the information that by itself or in conjuction with other information that you post on our site may identify you or locate you with specific identity. Therefore, you have total control over your personal information that you post or upload on You are free to decline to share any such personal information that identifies you on while sharing your information.

Members between the ages of 13 and 17 years of age (USA) may access our web services only with the parental consent. Share information with caution and refrain from using their personal information that would identify your children. For the European Union, children who are 16 years or over are allowed to sign up on For Spain and South Korea members, only the children between the ages of 14 and 17 years are allowed with their parental consent on

By accepting our privacy policy, you agree to allow to collect and use your information as described in this Privacy Policy and other policies on our website. Your use of our Online Services and any dispute over privacy is subject to this Privacy Policy and any applicable Terms of Use. In the event that the provisions of any such agreements differ from or conflict with the provisions of this Privacy Policy, the applicable terms or agreement will apply.

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