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Dear Investors,

FashionAvenue.com, Inc. is classy and finest website, born from a result of the monumental obsession to create a one-of-a-kind social media site on the internet that creative people have not experienced since the internet revolution that started 20 years ago. It's a classy, glossy and clean social media site and self-driven news publishing platform for millions and millions of creative users. It's ready to bring about a new revolution that internet users have not seen yet.

FashionAvenue.com is a privately self-funded corporation, incorporated in the state of Connecticut on June 1, 2000. Since its inception 18 years ago, FashionAvenue.com has endeavored to be a top online lifestyle media site to engage millions of lifestylers worldwide who love the artistic creativity in their everyday life.  It is looking for investors who understand the deep philosophy based on which this website is designed and created to bring visionaries of the new world together at one place.

The world’s #1 professional and proficient team of software developers has developed state-of-the-art software to run FashionAvenue.com in order to connect like-minded people who would share their best choices with those who choose the best in their lives to make their life even more exhilarating, invigorating and elating. We want all our members to experience the best by sharing their favorite photos, videos and stories with other members and spread words and works by creative people in the world.

FashionAvenue.com is created and designed for millions of creative people as well as creative organizations that can and will produce and present the most creative objects that can make this world even more beautiful to live in. Our website offers a true meaning of “lifestyle” to those aspirants people who were longing for a clean social media site that offers the valuable creative content that would trigger and awaken senses in them to understand human values and creativity to fashion world full of love, passion and empathy.

Highlights of Unique Features on FashionAvenue.com…

1.      World’s first cleanest Social Media Site
2.      Designed to connect millions of Creative People

3.      Self-driven News Publishing Platform
4.      Three Profile Photos to increase engagements
5.      Unique Hashtag Search Page
6.      Unique News Search Page
7.      Unique Members Search Page
8.      24/7 Powerful Screening System
9.      News Update every 60 seconds
10.    Largest Network of Top Advertisers


Investors' Relations
FashionAvenue.com, Inc.
163 South Street #52
Danbury, CT 06810 USA






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