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Campaign Name: In Search of New Faces
Hashtag: #InSearchofNewFaces
Action: Share Photos, Videos & Stories
What: Latest Creative Work
Who: Designers, Artists, Craftsmen, Photographers, Architects, Models
Objective: To connect you with well-known and new designers, artists, craftsmen, photographers, architects, models and all those faces in creative fields who showcase their extra-ordinary talents and skills and create an International Sensation everyday!

Dear Designers, Artists, Photographers, Architects and Models,

Welcome to’s #InSearchofNewFaces campaign!

This is a mammoth-sized #InSearchofNewFaces campaign to bring together UNDISCOVERED New Faces - Designers, Artists, Photographers, Architects and Models. These are the Faces that are new to you and very much deserve recognition, endorsement and acknowledgment by all of us. New Faces in diverse creative fields have an opportunity to trigger ‘out of the ordinary interests’ within the latest designs and merchandise that are produced by hard working creative people like you from small businesses to large corporations all over the world.

The #InSearchofNewFaces campaign is about discovering New Faces that were not noticed by millions of people until now or were simply ignored by them. This campaign is also about those New Faces who never believed, felt and sensed that their talents and skills are perfectly fit for national or international recognition and campaigns which could trigger a wave of awareness about invigorating and refreshing products produced by these extraordinary creative people. These are the New Faces that are wanted by billions of people.

Who would be the NEXT celebrated, notable and illustrious NEW FACES in the CREATIVE WORLD that powerful, impressive and influencial? This decision will be taken by millions of creative members on Let this process begin and see the results that would surprise many designers, artists, photographers, architects and models who would have never imagined that their talents and skills only are very inspirational for billions of people.

This campaign is about you. It’s a campaign about promoting your talents and skills. Your talent and skill is a valuable and prized asset that is bestowed upon you. Anyone and everyone is invited to join this #InSearchofNewFaces campaign who have “why not try” mindsets. There is no restriction. Every color, contour and form of talent and skill is welcome to participate. Who knows? You may be the next well-known designer, artist, photographer, architect or model in the ever changing, lively and vivacious creative world and can possibly enjoy potential celebrity status!

Your talents and skills are a mirror into your inner self. Your inner self is real you. That 'real you' needs a powerful platform to project your hidden talents and capacity. Your inner-self is always in a state of synchronicity with what you can do. is a world famous name. It’s a powerful and impressive platform to reach one step closer to your aspiration to celebrate celebrity status.

You are in a ‘Ready, Set and Go’ mode. You have been offered a once in a lifetime opportunity by a well-known name – the website –  to showcase your  talents and skills and to write your profile – which would be the first step in a showcasing your hidden potential to the world. You have to just press a button and trigger your fortune by yourself in your favor. Get ready to trigger a wave of interests and excitement on a most innovative platform that would put you on the world stage.

Join this campaign today and give your best try!


How to participate in a #InSearchofNewFaces campaign…

The is a sophisticated Social Media Platform that will connect you with creative friends who have the complementary skills in their respective fields that are unique, exceptional and outstanding. Their brilliance and excellence are supposed to bring new hopes, colors and creative elements in your lifestyle., Inc. Creative Team



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